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I'm not a big fan of the extreme type posture and with my Silkied Serama, I aim instead to reproduce the Malaysian Ball Type. I like the idea that their internal organs may be less cramped this way. I have noticed that they tend to mature more slowly than my more typical smooth Serama. I'm hoping that this may allow Micros especially, to live longer lives.



Any breeders in Texas have a rooster who needs more his own size.
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How big are they? Do they end up being serema size or silkie size?   you keep yours outside? how do they do outdoors?


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here are some of mineDSCN1760.JPG

What is this bedding ? does it work well. I use pine shavings which really isnt working . 

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I'll be getting my first 2 serama in a couple weeks and hope one is rooster so he can be my one and only rooster to breed my silkies and Cochins.
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Anybody selling silkied serama eggs?

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Anybody selling silkied serama eggs?

I have an abundance of silkied o.e.b. 

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Does anybody have eggs forsale
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About 3 months old


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Hello, does anyone know where I can find silkied seramas?
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Does anybody ship Silkied Serama eggs? I neeed some of these. I just have regular Seramas :-D

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Anyone ship eggs, chicks, or birds?
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