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I really enjoy the Giants. They are aggressive towards the other chickens though. And they eat a pile of feed. Big Boy is very vigilant. Any time a bird lands in the pen, he goes on the

My big boy chased off some human visitors! I didn't want to talk to them anyway. Looks like I don't need a dog here smile.png
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Originally Posted by JRNash View Post

Wonder what a Saipan x Giant would look like

Lol! I've always thought a Malay, similar to the Saipan, x Giant would be interesting. I've Googled it, seems many people have talked about it but haven't found anyone that has done it, no pics either.

White Jersey Giants
White Jersey Giants
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Quick! Spot the white JG! LOL

He's filling out, I'm loving watching him grow.

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Hmmmm. Beercan. I t will be a year before we can answer that cross question.😜
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That's a pretty rooster Amelia
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I've been wondering just how tall langshan get?
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I'm on Ideals waiting list for Saipan,Malays,Shamo and asil. I've talked to a breeder in south Carolina that has Oshamo and Malays 32" tall. He is wanting to sell all of his orientals. I'm seriously considering a road trip right before Christmas. All ready got it approved by the dear wife.She will make me pay
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Help! My jersey started making this horrible sound today. Here's a video:

I'm at a bird vet with him right now.x ray showed nothing that I could tell. Esophagus looks clear. They're giving him an antibiotic and fluid and I'm taking him home. Any one heard something like this?
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Amelia that is a new one for me. Hope he is all right. he is a beautiful bird
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He's home in a crate at about 70F. The others in the coop are asleep. He's had some diarrhea and falls asleep standing up with his head down, but I think he sleeps like that. He's still making that sound. sad.png the vet offered to adopt him because he's so pretty. I don't trust anyone wanting a rooster though, cock fighting is too prevalent here. It's gunna be a long night. Thanks for your words. It's good to know there's good chicken people out there.
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