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Amelia I've had real good results with tetracycline. tractor supply carries it and it's. not expensive
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I wonder if he has something stuck in his throat,did the vet check for that?
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I'm assuming that's what the x ray would have shown? I really think that could be out but they wanted to sedate him to check and that just seemed too risky, let alone costly.
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Some years back I had a tree limb(large) go through my cheek.(completely) They took xrays.NOTHING showed up. kept having a problem with a small spot that remained sore. They took more xrays.NOTHING. I came home and decided they were quacks. Took a razor sliced the spot and promptly found a piece of wood the size of a pencil eraser. This after multiple xrays over the course of three months.
My point is that the wood didn't show up on the xrays. I saw them,they were clear.
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Yikes sad.png I'd imagine a human x ray would be better quality than a squirming chicken x ray. I'm hoping he pulls through. He did eat a tiny amount of soft food an hour ago. I'm wondering if he got a twig in his nose. His nostrils are so big.
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beings the vet offered to "adopt" him,which would have made me suspicious,It's probably nothing serious. got my fingers crossed
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Here he is yesterday, contentedly lounging in the dirt smile.png

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JR, any luck getting your potential birds to cross with Giants? I'm intrigued with what I've read of the asil but don't want to risk having another rooster. I am going to try for more Jersey Giants at some point, unless this recent issue with my Jersey boy puts me off chickens forever. Also, being that I'm in San Diego, the Red Jungle Fowl are close to my heart, having seen them since I was a kid freely roaming the zoo. They're little guys though, not quite the same majesty as the Asil smile.png
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Amelia I'm still probably 4 months. away from any breeding. I'm also still collecting potential breeding stock
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Lucky (my asil ) is a handful.yesterday we were outside enjoying the sunshine,sitting about 20ft from the chicken pen. Of course all the chickens and geese come to investigate. Lucky started stretching,flapping his wings then he puffed out his neck and started high stepping towards them. I shut him down before he could getting into
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