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My sick Jersey boy had me up all night. He's moaning constantly. Poor creature. When he's asleep he's quiet, at least, but otherwise he's got laboured breathing and a terrible moan. Pain, maybe? I'm wondering if he got some string around his larynx or something like that sad.png
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have you tried posting on the sick chicken thread?
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Yeah, but no one responded for a long time and I've enjoyed reading the stories and comments on this thread. Wasn't sure if his moaning was a Jersey specific issue, or if they were prone to getting sick with certain conditions, or since y'all have done this more than me, what you've done for your jerseys. But I did get a few responses eventually there. I'll update here when he's better and beautiful again smile.png or rolling in dirt. Whichever smile.png it's under "emergencies" and is called "rooster had throat problem" I think. Thank you for all your help and kind words.
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Best wishes Amelia,Mine have been pretty resilient, My broilers, an an entirely different story.
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Keep us posted please
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Any change Amelia?
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His breathing is horrible. I'm afraid I might have been giving him his antibiotics into his trachea as well as his esophagus. They don't cough if you do it wrong, of course. I'm getting a catheter tube tonight hoping he won't fight that as much. I'm very scared.
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This was from this morning. He's gotten worse.
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I'm so sorry Amelia. I can see from his eyes that he is distressed. Amelia,I'm not familiar with your situation. At this point I believe I would reconsider the Vets offer.
I expect a lot from my animals. They provide for me. As a consequence I try to provide them with a quality life in return. The hard decisions.We have to make them. I wish you the best.
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I don't want him to live in a hospital. That guy keeps birds in cages. Nuh uh. Three more hours until the local vets open. I'm willing to try oxygen and a shot of antibiotics and see how he does but to euthanize before they close so he doesn't suffer another night like tonight. I'm worried for the rest of the flock. If this is contagious and antibiotics don't work, they're doomed.
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