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I can recommend Golden Comets too. My RIR is a great layer also.
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The best layers under idea conditions (warm temperatures and good lighting) are White Leghorns.  A White Leghorn set the laying record in 1979 with 371 eggs in 365 days.  However, Leghorns are high strung and flighty (mine screamed bloody murder whenever I handled them) and in areas with long, cold, dark winters, the Sex Links will outlay them (also the Sex Links are calmer, more docile birds).  The best standard breed (Sex Links are hybrids) that lays brown eggs are Black Australorps, which are exceptionally calm and gentle birds.  Until 1979, a Black Australorp held the laying record with 364 in 365 days.  I have personally had at one time or another most of the breeds on your list and of the available varieties you have listed below the six best layers in order (there can always be exceptions) are White Leghorn (qualified above), Black Sex Link (mine layed slightly better than my Reds in cold, winter weather), Golden Comet (which is a Red Sex Link), Black Australorp, Brown Leghorn (they don't lay as well as the Whites), and Rhode Island Red.  The other breeds on your list are pretty good layers but cannot match these six. Columbian is a color pattern and not a breed and could be referring to either Wyandottes or Rocks on your list (my guess is Wyandottes since it is listed next to the other two Wyandottes).


Originally Posted by FlockHappy View Post

     I'm looking for the greatest egg layer I can get, so long as that quality is combined with a sweet temper and great mothers. I've been researching all sorts of chickens, and get mixed opinions. Currently I have 2 barred rock hens and 1 dominique. I had started with 6 dominiques but some stuff happened to the rest. I don't want to get more of that kind because I wasn't satisfied with their egg laying. So I'm looking for an excellent layer.

     I had decided to get Salmon Faverolles at first, but then wasn't sure -- (due to many sights that have different opinions of their egg laying amount).

     Currently I'm planning on getting the Australorp. I read many good things about them.

     Anyone has input on these breeds or others?

     I found someone nearby me that has all these breeds hatching next week, (And they're only charging $1 per chick): Americanas, Barred Rock, Blk Australorp, Blk Giant, Blk Sex Link, Buff Orphington, Golden Comet, Light Brahma, Rhode Island Red, Brown Leghorns, White Leghorn, Buff Brahmas, Dark Brahmas, Speckled Sussex, Columbians, Gold Laced & Silver Laced Wyandotte

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Originally Posted by FlockHappy View Post

I really rather stay way from the hybrids, cuz I rather have a breed that I can get chicks from rather than having to go out and buy new chicks every so often.

I've heard that Rhode Island Reds are known for their mean temper. That's why I want to stay away from them. I really don't like a mean chicken.

I have had Rhode Island Reds and sometimes they can be aggressive, which is one reason that I don't have them anymore.

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Originally Posted by omegorchards View Post

It is very hard to get an egg laying bird that is good at laying, goes broody and has a good disposition.


Leghorns: the best layers but very flighty and never go broody.


Sex Links: great layers, friendly but rarely broody.


I would suggest you get some standard cochins for brooding and then focus on production and disposition with your production breed.   It is difficult to find all three traits in a single breed.  And normally good egg laying and broodiness are mutually exclusive.


Australorps are the best heritage breed for eggs in my experience.  Followed by New Hampshires.

x2 on the Australorps.

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Originally Posted by maryjrain View Post

I have a red star and a Cinnamon Queen (another type of red star with a specific coloring). They are excellent layers!!!

Red Stars and Cinnamon Queens are both marketing names for Red Sex Links.  The Cinnamon Queen is specifically a RIR roo X R.I.White hen.  Murray McMurray hatchery markets their Red Sex Links as Red Stars and I believe (not 100% positive on this one) that the cross is RIR x Delaware.

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Originally Posted by pennyevans View Post

i recomend the austrolorps and the golden comets

I have had both (still have Australorps) and they are both excellent layers.  The golden comets (which are Red Sex Links) are slighty better layers, but the Australorps have a longer laying life and are a little calmer and gentler birds.

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Obviously, there are going to be different opinions on this and exceptions with every breed, so I would recommend going online and studying laying charts that compare the lay rate of different breeds.

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I really loved my Buff Orpingtons when I had them. They had great personalities. They seamed to like to be around people. They were calm, beautiful and made great Moms. They were very dedicated to their nest and young. They are very inquisitive as well, and were always interested in what I was doing.
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I was hopeful that i would enjoy the Buff Orpingtons as much as my sister does. However they don't give full size egg nor daily lay. They can be quite shy, and aggressive when hand fed. I prefer the Speckled Sussex above them. Higher still is the Golden Compine but they are flighty and egg is slightly smaller. Next up is the fabulous Dominique, daily full size pinkish tan egg and calm disposition. Another good layer is RIR an alpha flock mate, alert and independent, but my two are not aggressive.
I cannot comment on broodiness as none bave shown it yet, they're first year.
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I recommend Aussie if you want a sweet quite broody lady. I love my barred rocks! They have great personalities!! I have one that's is loud. However she's the top hen. She will just walk in the house or scream at me if I'm outside .... My other U.S. Quite but super friendly too! Have you looked into blue isbars ? They eat way less and lay big eggs. They also are a lot smaller then the heritage breeds. I've found those three to be my favorite! EE are fun too cause they can be any color and lay any color egg. Good luck!
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