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Originally Posted by chloezoebob101 View Post

DEBID: hey we could do that! we have a chipper shredder and straw ya.gif

There ya go!  Make sure you wear a particle mask -- it's dusty work.  You'll also want a pusher rod (stick) handy in case you put too much in at once and it makes a bridge.  Happy shredding!

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Originally Posted by Fred's Hens View Post

Try straw.  You may just like it.  I've used straw, mostly, for 50 years.  I don't think Mrs. Ingalls had wood chips on Little House.  lol.png


Straw is not "good for chicks"??  Seriously, modern people say the darndest things.  Sure, I've used wood chips and even a mix of straw and wood chips.  I think if a person wants wood chips and likes them, that is completely fine.  But honestly, birds have kept on straw and/or hay for centuries, for pity sake.


Or, you can do what Mrs. Ingalls did and use paper towels.

Ha Ha. Very funny.


Charles Ingalls Worked at a saw mill, so he might have had wood chips. :)


Seriously, I think you are right. Straw works great.


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What would absorb the chick poop better tough? I've been using paper towels but seems get get dirty very quick (less than a full day) even though i only have 5 chicks.

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With paper towels, poop just sits on top and the chicks walk through it.  sickbyc.gif  With a loose litter, the poop gets coated.

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I only have 5 chicks, (only a couple of days old) couldn't believe how dirty they got the paper towel over night.

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lol! Awesome point! I believed this to be true, but here I am checking to see if straw was ok! thanks

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