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Chicken noises

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My silkies have always made a pleasant, cute, sing-song-ey cluck cluck cluck noise when I go down to see them. Until I got my barred rocks I assumed a chickens made that same noise; it just seemed like the appropriate chicken noise. But my barred rocks make this really long, (somewhat annoying if truth be told!) kinda low, brwaaaaack, brrrrwwaaaaaaaakkkk..... And they follow me around everywhere looking for treats making that noise, but I also hear them doing it in the coop too.

Anyways, today my white silkie was making the same noise as the barred rocks. Does this noise mean something in particular?
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"Give me treats!!!"

"Let me out!!"

"I'm trying to get in the nestbox and some other bird is in there!!"

"It's Tuesday!!!"


It is a sound I have learned to embrace. That and a martini. 

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Oh haha, thank you! I was half- expecting to find a tiny silkie egg today, she was really looking for something while she made that noise. I thought it might be the "welcome to mommy-hood" chicken cluckbc my barred rocks are laying but my other silkies are still pullets. No tiny egg though! Lol, thanks again!
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