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And now a prolapse!

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For goodness sake! I've lost 2 of my girls to some unknown wasting illness, one to a fox & have just found one of them with, what looks like a prolapsed egg vent! Didn't think keeping chickens was supposed to be this stressful (& expensive!) Off to the vets soon with the prolapse, atm she is in a separate coop, looking all sorry for herself. :(


I've not even had them for a year yet.

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I've had a rough two weeks with my girls that I've also only had for a few months.  One had a prolapse.  I thought I was going to have to cull her but the warm soapy bathes (antibacterial dawn) and prep H did wonders.  I had tried the honey first, but with no luck.  It did take a few days.  Keep her in a dark area and limit her food so she doesn't lay and gets some time to heal.  Good luck!

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