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My partner had a pekin as a kid. He said their great with kids.we also have chickens. We hope to keep them in our shed but whether has been bad here. So I may have to keep them in our office for a short time tell it's warmer if we get there these week. Like to be involved in both areas. We also have chicken in house and rabbits so they can join the fun
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Oh, I hope's going to be tough to find a place to live that will allow them. Everything is up in the air and I just don't know what's going to happen, if this is the best thing for me to do or if I'm making a huge mistake. I just don't know. I don't like not knowing, it's scary. 


Wobbles let me snuggle with him for so long today, I just hugged him to my chest and he fell asleep with his bill tucked into my hair. Even Bean let me hold her for a little bit. I never thought I'd have a duck for a house pet, and it's been a strange experience for sure. But they're just so full of love, and with all that's happened to me this past year my feather puppies truly are the only joy I have left in my life. And now that I have to give them up, it's tearing me apart inside. I don't know if moving back home is worth the cost of losing my babies.

 i wish you could settle in somewhere where you could have the duckies.  And being in your situation would be scary.  Just know i do think about you and hope for the best, Amy.


That is the cutest thing that Wobbles let you snuggle with him.  He is such a cute and round little butter loaf.  Then his face.  Yikes.  The eyes and cheeks.  As for  having a duck as a house pet it was something i'd never heard of until I joined byc.  But I think it's totally normal.  I would think that you would be able to find a place where you could have them since some places do allow other types of small pets.  I mean, you have to ensure they don't make messes and you do perfectly fine with Bean and Wobbles and their diapers.

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Amykin- if you go through training and make them therapy animals. No one can mess with you. You have to check laws in your area.
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Question? What brand of feed does everyone start with for baby ducks for juvenile ducks for elder ducks or wild ducks. What treats given where do you get it if local feed store doesn't have it. Supplements . I know fresh fish. But what kind of fish gold fish cod salmon fresh water fish tropical fish salt water fish. Corn on cob corn in a can or local feed store corn. Barley what kind of grains. Local feed store or local grocery store. I know my chickens like oatmeal and my rabbits get rolled oats. You would put food in any shallow bowel plastic of water and food or ones you would get for a chicken. Where do I find it. I can't find it at my local cal ranch store. But maybe I can call jones feed store in area. Can peas or frozen peas or fresh peas when available.
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Is their layer feed for their milk replacer or something for a baby duck struggling.if mom duck or incubator duck doesn't have what it takes and needs help.
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Is their layer feed for their milk replacer or something for a baby duck struggling.if mom duck or incubator duck doesn't have what it takes and needs help.


Hold on, you're not making any sense - "milk replacer"? Ducks need starter crumble, not milk. And not adult layer feed, either. Baby ducks also shouldn't be given things that are hard to digest like fish, insects and grain, since they're too tiny and don't have any grit in their crops yet.


What's happening, anyway? How many babies are there and what's their condition like? You mentioned mama duck not "having what it takes", what does that mean? Are the babies in trouble? Are they suffering?

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There's no ducks yet.we our suppost to go look at two juvenile birds in area on Sunday. They our laying eggs to original owner. I asking on baby's because we want to put them in the incubator for hatch on my son school hatching we do. I have had chickens die because they for some reason stop eating or wouldn't eat. Trying to syringe water before vet opened. They passed away before we could get to vet.they our wild birds born in a family's yard.there 1 and 2 years old.i want to have things ready here for them.if I take them in.i would like to keep them in a natural nature there used to.but when I incubate I want to have ready what they need.i don't know there conditions. If any. That might be over looked.
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Sorry it sounds like I am in distress. I just had another chicken I had to help out. Pearlized in a genetic disorder .i think of what happens with chickens on incubation and how temps/ humidity issues. So I thinking ahead on the ducks. I know it's not milk replacer . I was thinking in emergency terms before iv is given at vet.something given at home.
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