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water tested called a week later
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Originally Posted by QueenofDucks View Post

Here's a question: I'd love my ducky to be an indoor most days duck, however I only have an outdoor pen for her. She does have a ducky diaper (and she hates it) to chill with me inside and we have cuddle time after our nightly shower. 
How would you have a duck like her indoors all the time? (she's quite an independent lil girl)
That's kinda hard. If she doesn't feel comfortable being close to you or in the house I wouldn't force her in. But if you only have a single duck, I would defiantly get her another duck right away. Ducks are flock animals that need other ducks. If you can't get another duck, spend a lot of time with her, until she's comfortable around you. Then I would show her inside. It may freak her out at first so bring her in a few times a week, until she's used to it. Then slowly introduce the diaper. She'll struggle to get it off at first, but if you keep putting it on her, she'll eventually get comfortable wearing it.
I currently have 18 ducks and 4 are inside.
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Originally Posted by maddiesmeme View Post

My grand baby named her baby duck smile.png

ARGH.  A very soft looking cute of DUCK youngling and the WEBS on the rug.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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Originally Posted by AxolotlLove View Post

CO webs smile.png

WEBS on a walk.  CUTE AND VERY CUTE.  Look at the cute and soft looking body of the burb.  KISS.

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Originally Posted by Skink View Post




Ducks grow incredibly fast! The recent ones from today are the bottom 3. She's going to be tall enough to peek out of the brooder soon. I have to figure out something new to do with her lamp, she's almost hitting her head on it and I don't want her to get burned!

Precious and adorable at the same time.  Bare webs on hardwood.  UGH.  THE CUTENESS.

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I have a duck that is a Rouen/Muschovie cross. He was hatched by me two weeks ago last Friday. I've started to diaper train him and bought him a flight suit that is really for parrots but fits him fine. He just detests it. He will wear it but he really wants me to take it off. He shows me this by fighting when I plunk him into it but staying completely still when I take it off to change him. I have been at this three days and he's been a little better today. I just don't know if I should press on with him on the diaper training? Living outside would be a problem as we are in an RV and move often. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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I defently would do an outside thing endless it was movable and you could keep watch constenly for who around and when. Or just keep him in one areA when he doesn't have one on. He will learn play time you have to wear your diaper or you have to stay in these area. Like kitchen or bathroom. Tile floor.
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Would not due outside thing endless you have control.
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Went out to duck nest a few hrs ago I saw one cracking open. Went out there now and saw it floating the egg in pool. There was no life in water or around them. The egg had yolk in it some was able to grab two eggs she allowed me to touch. I didn't see vains in it or any thing moving. I drew lines on it out lines I saw. Marked it 1-2 with a pencil. But I did see ants in nest again. I will lay ditmacious earth soon as partner comes home . So he can hold snowflake and hope. So I don't get bit.
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Hi duck people 😀,

I could do with a little advice, I collected two male runners that i bought online and they arent too healthy. I have bathed them and fed them, treated them for worms and just given them a decent environment which i think will get them back on track but i am concerned that one of them has crusty patches below his eyes. Will these just recover or do i need to treat them specifically? And with what should i treat them?
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