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lost twomore eggs. One had no development but blood in it.i have to get the hang of these outside thing. The last two try's with the ducks mothering. Why is that harder to do.
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No development in any of them. I figured we would reasonably get 3-5 good ones.
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The rains our not helping the hatch.
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Purina flock all grower feed crumble/ turkey layer crumble worms grits oatmeal kale tomatoes cucumber squash yellow Mexican squash peas corn green beans cooked zucchini celery grits from grocery store.oatmeal.-parsley on occasion.scratch grain poultry grit. They will not eat anything else. I can barley get them to eat these. Two more eggs lost. One had a little bit of life in it very small with blood . And yolk. Other yolk.
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We went and got another heat light fixture. We just need to get another bulb. I think partners going to try and get the light a little closer to dog house enough to shine in dog house but not able to get knocked down. I told him not in dog house because hope can't see. And she may knock into it.
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Happy Mother's Day to all. More egg death.! No development at all, well got the lamp on the dog house, it's cutting it close have to watch it closely around birds, question because it so close. Do I have to use it all the time. I like just to youse it at night or does it have to be on 24/7. They still have the one over food bowl and water dish,[IMG]
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Moved one of my 7 juveniles roosters to chicken coop today, to much fighting hope it doesn't cause issues with my drake and the grandparents chickens don't hurt him.
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Right know I have the incubators outside in front plunged in. I have 1 gallon of water in each of them.1 cup bleach in each of them. I don't usually add alcohol rubbing 70% isopropyl alcohol what else do I need going to fumigate the incubators. It was so bad last time. It's going to take more then bleach and water and sun.
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