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Vet "fixed" my chicken. Vent prolapse

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We woke up this morning to find our bantam hen with a vent prolapse. Were novice chicken owners and haven't had any problems like this before. We read an article online about pushing it back in and tried. She was pushing so hard against us it popped back out every time we tried. My guess is that it was a pretty serious case, the bulge was out at least four inches. We were both pretty late for work and didnt have any honey or prep h so we decided to take her to the vet after work. We separated her from the others.

Only two vets in this town so we picked the one that saw chickens. The vet was struggling with her a lot, he also couldn't get the bulge in. He decided to stitch her. Mides (the chicken) started vomiting all over the table. He put a stitch around her vent and one across it. He said he wasnt sure if she would even be able to go to the bathroom. She's back in the crate with a friend, she's straining, moaning and not eating or drinking. Is there anything I can do?
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hugs.gifYou have all my sympathy and best wishes for a good outcome. I wish I could offer advice. You're halfway home, though, having been lucky enough to have found a vet who would see chickens. Many of us are hundreds of miles from such a vet.


I would suggest that if she can make it through the next three days, she'll probably recover.

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Our only other hens were to broken legged rescues who survived after we were told to put them down. They get around just fine now. We have hope, but she just seems to be in so much pain and she is still straining hard. I'm still not sure if she can poop through the stitches. Wish shed eat, favorite treats are being turned down and even the rooster couldn't get her to take a nibble
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You need to do a search on here for treating prolapse like that. Someone had a very similar situation. You must put her in a darkened area as you do not want her to need to lay an egg until enough time has passed or you are gonna have a good mess there. THat thread was very imformative.
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Welasharon is right.  She needs to go into a dark room ASAP.  And she will need to stay there until the purse string is removed, and probably for a week or so thereafter.


I am sorry for you and her.  I hope she makes it.

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Here is the is VERY long but it has good info in it as the lady went through her problems.
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Sadly our little girl passed away. I wish we had known more about this problem before it happened. We were heart broken and have been doing a lot of research now that we know we don't really have good vet care in the area. Good thing too because we discovered a mite and worm problem that we are treating aggressively. I've started setting up a complete first aid kit for our kiddos too. Hopefully we won't go through this again.
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