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Sick Chick and maybe a prolapse?

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I have a chick that just hatched and looks as if it has a prolapse and it doesn't seem to walk well. We have hatched chicks before and all of them have done fine. This is the first time I have had one that doesn't seem to walk to well out of the egg. It kind of falls around as if it's head is to heavy. It also seems as if it has a big hard full belly right out of the egg. Per the date we marked the egg with it is born a few days late.I read the other post about the prolapse and I will try the methods mentioned but wanted to see if any of you could share some thought into the rest of the issues.chick prolapse 2.jpg

chick prolapse.jpg

chick Egg inside.jpg

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Ok so It is not a Prolapse..  After looking again it is where the umbilical cord was attached to the chicks belly  that you see in the pics above and not its vent. It did drag its egg for a few minutes before freeing itself. Non of any of the other chicks I have hatched in the past looked like this. I know they draw up whats left in the yolk through their cords before hatching but this chicks belly at first was big and full. Too full in my eyes. As of now it is no longer bloated looking or feeling but still has a big red raw bump with a pc of cord still attached to its belly as seen in pics and it still doesn't walk well on its own 4 hours post hatch. I'm I stressing over nothing?


Thanks for your time!

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Did this chick make it???

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Have this same thing going on. Does anyone have an answer on how to treat this issue?
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Did come live. I have the same thing with a chick and not sure what to do next.
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