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Roof for run?

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Hi Everyone - I'm new to BYC although have been lurking for awhile to learn all about my 11 new chicks.  Three days old and still in the brooder and I'm in love.  I'm building their 12'X20' run now.  Anyone have ideas about a roof?  I thought goat panels covered with hardware cloth as we have every predator imaginable.  Kinda expensive though.  Any ideas?

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I have a Mesh netting tarp that is very strong i got at Menards! But it stinks when it snows because all the weight on it i have to roll it up if we are getting alot of snow.



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That's a good idea.  How do you anchor the sides to the top of the pen?  Out here a racoon would happily crawl through.  Maybe zip locks?

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We have a 12x16 run made with 2x4's and hardware cloth.

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That is what I'm probably going to do.  Do you have one side shaded or covered?

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It's in an area with plenty of trees so it's mostly shaded, it would be nice to cover part or all of it in winter to keep snow out but we never did cover it and this has been a winter with the least snow ever so we got lucky without covering. This was the first winter with this coop and run.

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