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Thanks for the Video link- and I think we have the Frog problem in hand- Turns out they like hanging out inside open white PVC pipes to sing their love songs from. I'll harvest the pipes every morning by capping them off and dispatch them humanely by dropping them into the Chicken coops. 
Citric Acid spray is also supposed to be good for eradication. 
Here is a story that actually welcomes the frog- (not me)

and here are two more options for taking care of them - through

"Agent Green" developed by orchardist David Davis. This solution of acidic calcium sulfate, he said, is nontoxic, half the cost of citric acid and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.and Agent White - [my title not theirs] that is plain baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. In larger doses, this will kill lawns and other "good" flora and is not currently approved in the US for frog control but it is cheap. 

Yeah, I have been there, heard them and want to know how to get rid of them. If it helps to feed my chickens, so much the better!

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that pvc idea sounds awesome! so far they haven't dared to send more than a few intrepid exploratory parties, which were summarily executed by the fearsome chicken-guard. But I know down Keaau side, holy smoly with the car windows up AND the radio playing loud we could still hear them. thankfully we don't have plenty in our neighbourhood, too many feral chickens and the noisy buggahs pretty much stay over by the river. thank goodness!

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Aloha everyone I'm on the big in the hawaiian acres area. Here's my flock
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got any shots of the outside and what breeds? I am guessing RIR for some, but I don't know any of the rest. Eggs, meat or both?

I'm still on the lookout for our final design for coop and for the type of chickens we will get. 

JoAnn and I just bought into the HPP district and have about 2 weeks left in escrow. Can't wait to get the place settled and then up and running! I joined BYC last March and it seems its taken forever to get here! 

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I have 6 buff orpingtons 1 Isa brown 1 Rhode Island red 1 blue orpingtons and 6 barred rocks 2 of which are roos.[IMG]
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Hi everyone! I'm on Oahu in the salt lake area and have 5 barred rocks. I'm new to chickens. I always wanted them as a kid and finally went for it when I got the okay from my husband big_smile.png we got 3 baby chicks from Kaneohe Farm Supply in August and then two more about a month later when I was having doubts about two from our first batch being girls. Turns out they're all girls, or at least I think they are since we just hit 24 weeks old for the first batch and 21 weeks for the second batch. No ones crowing at least! No ones laying eggs either though barnie.gif has anyone else had this happen with their pullets? I assumed that since we don't have the extreme winter conditions like on the mainland that it wouldn't delay their egg laying. Maybe I just got a batch of late bloomers tongue.png
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Welcome to the thread!  I havenʻt been here in a while.  Mine usually take a while to start laying too.  Not sure why.  You can post pictures of your pullets and we can take a look if they look like males.


Aloha, Puhi




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Aloha kākou, 


My gurls took a long break, but are now going off.  My incubator is full and we are expecting Female Cream Legbar chicks, and straight run Black Copper Marans and true Araucanas.  I will also have female Silver Leghorns soon which lay a white egg almost every day.


I live in Kailua, Oʻahu




Aloha, Puhi




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Originally Posted by Christie Rhae View Post

There are a few Hawaii threads here on BYC.  I am trying to find them all and subscribe so I don't miss anything!  lol!

Aloha from the Big Island.  Any other Big Island'ers?

Aloha! Rachele here from captain cook. I just got my first batch of RIR's from Pearl's in Kealakekua.

They're a week old and I'm getting anxious thinking about putting them outside and pricing then from mongoose.
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