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I had a hen that could not stand or walk and was getting badly harassed by the rest of the flock. I felt awful so i put it in the hen house alone and hand fed and watered it and nothing changed it just got worse. I was ready for it to die when i seen your site and most were saying it was not going to make it. thinking it was an ear thing because if the balance issue i tried a hail mary and used the ear drops the pharmacy gave us for my sons swimmers ear. Wow it worked! Five days later its with the rest of the flock and gaining weight. Now Im no vet and dont even know if the drops were what saved it but its worth a try if you are experiencing

 the same problem. Very happy to read your forum.

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I have the same issue with one of my Orpington hens. She was walking around puffed up for a while and not too active. She got to the point of not being able to stand up. I gave her antibiotic shots for 4 days, she is eating well now and seems fine, except that she still can't stand up! She acts like she wants to and wil try to stand but falls to one side....I hold her up and help her, she has the strength in one leg but not the other. Does anyone know anything about this type of issue?? I have thought of making a sling type aid to put around her, so I can help her walk and maybe regain her strength. She is a sweet girl and it hurts to see her like this!

Thanks for any advice ....

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Update! My hen is doing great!!! Put her in a homemade sling made out of my husbands helped her to stand. She's doing great & back running around with the rest of the hens!

Sorry it took so long to put in this update:(

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I have Orpington chickens, I noticed black looking spots around their beaks & some on the crown area, anyone know what it could be??
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