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(We were newbies last year with these breeds. Here's my input:)


Cochins! I have a bantam cochin named Cleo and we love her!! She lets us pick her up and is very fluffy! :P


We also have bantam Plymouth/Barred Rocks. It may have been the way we raised them with all the kids from the neighborhood coming and picking up/petting the chicks sometimes, but we have this one (named Pepper) who will settle down in my arms when I pick her up. 

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-Go Green Bay and Wisconsin Badgers!
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I have some RIR's, Auracannas, and Barred Rocks hens and by far my sweetest birds are the RID's and Auracanna.. I picked all these breeds after researching the best to keep with children and more as pets.. The Barred Rocks are sweet as well and they all come to me and sit with me but my Rhodies are by far the sweetest..
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Of all the breeds I have had the friendliest by far have been the speckled sussex and cochins.

The sussex follow us throughout the yard, allow all of my children and their friends to pick them up, eat out of their hand, will  come up on their own to jump in your lap or sit on the porch swing with you. (in fact some of our Sussex are  supreme lap jumpers and will take any opportunity to sit on you)


The silkies are mellow, calm, but do not run up to be held or jump in your lap if you are sitting down.


The australorps (black) and orpingtons, (buff and lavender) were all  calm,  would come up to be near you, didn't fuss when picked up up, but not as super snuggly as the sussex. the australorps in new england at least have been a little bit hardier and start laying a bit earlier than the orpingtons.


Jersey Giants were calm, friendly when handled as babies, but not overly social and my neighbour complained that they were unfriendly to his grandkids. Although I have no complaints about them, they are not a breed I will get again.



Barred rocks, white rocks, Buff rocks,  Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, red sex links and comets I have had very mixed results, some friendly, some especially a barred rock hen or 10 have been mean. much more  assertive in the coop when compared to the sussex, brahmas and australorps while others, especially a couple of the barred rocks, were very sweet.


Brahmas (light, dark, buff), steady and calm, friendly


Easter eggers, mostly friendly, but a little more independent, and flighty when compared to the extremely docile and calm orpingtons, brahmas and sussex


Polish, wyandottes, wellsummers, barnvelders, dominique's,  sicilian buttercup, Andalusians, brown leghorns, silver spangled hamburgs,  were neither overly friendly or mean, some were friendlier if handled more as babies.


The only chickens we have had trouble with  have been a couple of really mean barred rock hens, A Malay rooster, one rhode Island red hen, old english game and campines. The campines were not very big, but the roosters would launch attack.  the Old english both hens and roosters needed a lot more space to prevent aggression, and were never overly friendly, though the old english roosters were incredibly curious and bold. Fun to watch.



New this year will be Langshans, and Buckeyes. I am very much looking forward to the Langshans. My neighbour down the road aways has raised them for a couple of years now  and loves their sweet temperment and chocolate brown eggs.


We have been doing chickens for 20+ years flocks ranging from 12 to 60 chickens.


We now maintain a steady flock of Speckled Sussex by far our favourite with their sweet temperment, good foraging ability, cold weather tolerant and they seem to genuinely enjoy playing with my children.  We also  add variety with other breeds to keep it interesting. favourites include brown leghorns and Easter eggers for  mixed colour eggs, and brahmas and silkies for beauty and broodiness.



If anyone has suggestions on fun breeds to try, please let me know, the family is always interested to try new breeds.

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