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non-anitbotic treatment for a respitroy infection in flock??

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is there any natural way to help my flock with a respitory infection?? i do not want to have to withdrawl from using their yummy eggs if at all possible. or else is there any antibiotic that can be used without a withdrawl time>?? any leads are greatly appreshiated!!! my congested chickens thank you alll!!

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When it comes to infections, there is really no "natural" cure that I know of hmm.png  However, my Golden Sebright roo had a respiratory infection when I got him and after about a week of isolation (although I suppose if it is the whole flock there is no use in isolation) and Terramycin he was all better (and about five months later is currently thriving).  I guess you'll just have to go without eggs for a week or two, as terrible as it sounds D:

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Denegard is an Antibiotic that does not have a withdrawal period for eggs, it does have a two day slaughter withdrawal....


You can eat the eggs anytime, not the chickens for a couple of days..   eggs are safe throughout the treatment.



Quote: from dawg53


Dosage is 16cc's per gallon of water for 5 days for the TREATMENT dose. There is only 1 TREATMENT period.

Dosage is 8cc's per gallon of water for 3 days once a month thereafter for each month. That is the PREVENTATIVE dose.

For your sickest birds and if they are not drinking, use an eyedropper or syringe (without needle) to orally dose them a minimum of 3 or 4 times a day for the either the 5 day treatment period and/or the preventative period. Use your eyedropper or sryringe to withdraw from the mixture to give it orall to your sickest non drinking birds.
Remove all other sources of water in order for all your birds to drink the mixture.
It is bitter tasting when mixed with water. They'll drink it though once they get thirsty enough.
There is NO resistance nor egg withdrawal using Denagard. Eventually the disease will build resistance to baytril and it will become useless in time.

Here's a link:


( If they absolutely will not drink the water, or much of it, with the Denagard in it, you can also mix some of the Denagard dosed water into their food, make a wet mash of their food using the Denagard water.)


In addition to the Denagard....    Oxine (NO, absolutely NO activator, Oxine alone)

(1/8th teaspoon per gallon of water, into a fine mister, (misting spray bottle or cool mist vaporizer) mist over the chickens' heads for them to breathe it in three times a day --  see link below and link there for more info.)


Quote: dawg53

Post #2 for how to use/apply oxine with your birds:


Denagard is expensive, buy it on-line from QC Supply.  ALL this information comes from dawg53.


Use the Search here on BYC for more info on Denagard and Oxine and CRD...    select or click "relevancy" when you get search results.  dawg53 is a good reliable source of info on worming and treatments.


Good luck.

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I have heard of using aromatherapy for chickens. A friend of a friend uses essential oils in a diffuser to keep her laying flock healthy and drug-free, quite successfully apparently. Not sure about which ones or how much to use in your case, but it might be worth looking into.

Or maybe you could try using whole herbs, like this idea:

I'll let you know if I learn more (I plan on looking into this myself).smile.png
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I use Denaguard and can say that it works...dont hesitate or you could lose your flock!!

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Southern CT/Westchester Backyard Poultry Meetup!
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