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Amber Link Pullets?

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Hey! Im new to this site and to raising chickens. I got my first chicks only 4 days ago!big_smile.png I love them! Im pretty sure the breed is called amber link pullets, can anyone give me more information about that breed? We only have 6 chicks right now, I'v been feeding them everyday and giving them fresh water everyday and I change their bedding every 2days, is this right?lol Also I have been holding them everyday and hardly ever really leaving their side, is that ok too?

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If you are using pine shavings, be careful they don't start eating them - we haven't had any trouble with that.  We just fluff our litter every day and only change it about once a week.  Remove any that gets damp from the water, though.

  Fresh water and food every day is good.  

  It's great to spend lots of time with them!  Be sure to keep checking their butts to make sure they don't get "pasty butt," which means their poo sticks on there and clogs them up.  If that happens, just use some warm water and a washcloth or something and gently remove it.


  Amber link pullets means they are a mix of breeds that is combined to be friendly and good egg layers, and the females and males have different colors or markings so you can be sure of their sex.  Not sure which breeds are combined for amber link, though.


  Sounds like you are doing great!  Good luck!



We have a dozen different breeds of chickens and we love them all!


We have a dozen different breeds of chickens and we love them all!

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Hi Amby, I also got 6 AmberLink chicks last Friday. Thay are adorable and seem very friendly. When I put my hand into their crate they immediately compete to fly onto my arm for perching and gentle petting. This breed/hybrid was a new one to me, and I can't wait to see what coloration they have. From what I've read from googling they are a Plymouth White Rock/Rhode Island Red cross.

What are you keeping yours in? Make sure you have a light/lamp for warmth. Welcome to the fun of backyard poultry!


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Mine do that too:) haha, We have a small coop thats off the ground, they seem to like it. We do have a heating lamp on them so they're nice and warm. We've been keeping them in the garage but we take them out a lot and put them in the grass and let them go for a while until they get cold or tired.

Thanks for the infofrow.gif

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Hi Amby, sounds like you are right on track and everything is going well. My girls love to take the chicks outside in the grass too for short periods, very fun to watch. I keep them inside in a big rubbermaid tub that they are already outgrowing and will be able to fly out of soon, so I am building a 2ft x 4 ft lightweight 'chick coop'. Once they have feathered out more I will move them outside on the back porch in my big brooder coop. I am really enjoying this breed, they are very lively and especially inquisitive. Already they are taking dirt baths in the shavings and scratching around. smile.png
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What are amber links a cross betwen

Thanks for any info. Rose💄
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