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wasteaway and ck,


i appreciate all the math and both of you making since of the dosage i am new to chickens still and trying to learn everything so my question for you is on the back of the bag of Tetroxy HCA-280 it states do not feed to birds producing eggs for human consumption so how long do we wit before it would be safe to eat the eggs again?

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I thought I read that there was no wait period for egg consumption but that does not work for me. We waited about a week for things to clear out but there was no scientific reasonning for that, just being safe I guess. I don't have a bag in front of me but I thought I read no wait period and was surprised by that. Again, I could very well be wrong.

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I found this information. Apparently the product we are using was never approved for chickens that are used for egg production but there is some insight on that in the link above. I'm satisfied with the 12 days recommended (3 times the four days normally used as a withdrawal time for tetracycline).

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To add to this Tetroxy conversation, I just posted the following on another forum but it might help anyone on this site who is researching the subject.


I had a hard time figuring out the dosage (of Tetroxy) since the package is geared for a large poultry operation.  I looked on the Internet to see if I could figure it out but the dosages everyone recommended was all over the place.  I finally broke down and called the manufacture and they told me to give 1/6 tsp per gallon for the 200mg dosage or 1/3 tsp per gallon for the 400 mg dosage.  I tried to half that again for my single chicken.  I could hardly measure that small amount but figuring that it would also depend on how much the chicken drank, I realized that the dosage was a ‘base’ to go off of.  I gave the recommended dosage but then the weather cooled down dramatically so I upped the dosage since I figured my chicken would be drinking less water.  Also, I don’t know if this was a good idea or not but I on the first day, I just happened to open a can of corn and got an idea… I guesstimated the smallest possible amount of Tetroxy for the water from the canned corn then mixed it up and gave it to my chicken.  She drank it all in 1 sitting so at least I knew the antibiotic was off to a good start.  They also recommended I mix and offer a fresh batch daily (I believe that the antibiotic properties in it start to break down once it is mixed).  Thankfully almost immediately, I noticed improvement...


I also noted that the manufacture does not recommend giving it to laying hens so they do not list a withdraw period for how long to wait before you can start to consume the eggs again.  I realize that the manufacture probably has to say that for liability purposes because it would probably cost them millions in testing to get the withdrawal period put on the packaging and then the price would go up 10 times!  For those of you on this forum who are familiar with Tetroxy, what time frame would you recommend for the withdraw period?



Thanks, Jennie

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Sorry... never mind.  I'm new to this forum and how to maneuver around in it.  I guess it would help if I clicked onto page 2 (questions continued) which answers my previous question.  Since it was answered by a vet, I am happy with that answer also.



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I've got a hen that is struggling to breath. Hope i can help her in time. Called the manufacturer Bimeda and they told me the following:
Mix 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon of water and then take that mixed solution and mix 8oz to 1 gallon for the 400mg dose or 16oz to 1 gallon for the 800mg dose.

I got her going on the 800mg dose to start and syringed aprox 20mg (or maybe it's cc's.... the squirter is outside so can't double check) of solution into her mouth/beak. Hope I see results quickly.
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I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the info. You have no idea how much you all have helped me. It's so nice to see two intelligent people speak so kindly to one another..... And come up with the best answer!!! 😊
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But how much would you give to just ONE chicken?

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To find the right amount of powder per gallon go to the manufacturer's (Duvet) web sight.


Duvet is the manufacturer on their site is a PDF with their products and dosing information.


They state 2.5 TBSP per gallon is the adult dose for Oxytetracycline HCI ( I don't know what product you have but there are manufacturer's sites for all of the standard providers)


There are 10 grams of Oxytetracycline HCI in 6.4 oz of powder and to get 800mg per gallon takes 2.5 TBSP of the powder. 


Also the medication is only good for 24 hours so it needs to be replaced daily.


Good Luck with your chickens

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