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Bloomfield Wisconsin Zoning Laws

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I am starting the process to get the zoning ordinance changed in Bloomfield, WI.  I have contacted the local and county zoning people on why we aren't setup for backyard chickens, and they say we are not zoned for it.  This is a small town just north of the IL border with a little over 5,000 residence.  I know a lot of people already have chickens around here, but my husband is a police officer and we don't want to break the law.  I am planning on going to our local village meeting, and I am setting up a petition to be signed.


If anyone out there has/had a similar situation, can you give me any advise or tips on how to get this ball rolling so we can have chickens.


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Hi There, I'm new to the BYC. I have signed your petition along with most everyone I know in Pell Lake. I would like to know when you are going to present the idea to the village. Also, I might be able to add to your case. Feel free to PM me here.



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I can't find what happened with Bloomfield and if chickens are allowed.  Were they allowed before?

Thanks for the info!


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Am I to understanding right that the current law prohibiting them is not being enforced or enforced very leniently?

If so I would guess you are a lot further along then many other communities because you can point out that the laws are not strictly enforced and people in the community already have chickens without any apparent concerns or issues from the community and neighbors something they can easily verify with local law enforcement records and complaints... Yeah, it could backfire and they could more strictly enforce the law if you bring this up, but I suspect if that is their chosen route they will do it anyway once you start pushing the issue...
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