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Thanks I'm just looking at what to do I'm stumped
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Hi I have fertile eggs from a mixed flock or pure breed phoenix, at this time, pm me if you're interested
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hi all my names mike i live in liverpool with my wife of 42 years i know its amaizing what fear will do to a man i have two kids who have grown and flown

i have a red staffy named george 7 girls 1 speckled sussex called pudding 1 silver sussex called hattie 1 light sussex called meg 1 cream legbar called 

sarah 1barnevelder called maggie 1 rhode island red called lulu and 1 copper black maran call gertrude 

                                                                                                                                                      well thats me 

                                                                                                                                                                             good luck to you all








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Welcome to the Mad house :-)
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@chickensgalore ive tried to PM you a few times they don't seem to be going through PM me prices please
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Hi GGbear i sent you a pm 


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Having a really bad time here on the small holding, first my broody silkie got off her 3 chicks that had just hatched, all died, think she freaked when she felt them move, shes still young, then my broody phoenix squashed 1 chick and let another 1 get cold and die in the corner of the nest but worse of all, after saying a few weeks ago the fox hadn't found us, one did and killed my 5 week old peachick, gutted, hope everyone else is having more luck.

On the plus side sold 4 3 week old phoenix chicks and the new stone coop is nearly complete,


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That is terrible luck you are having chickens galore hugs.gif
I hope things turn a corner for you and you keep that fox away from now on. They sure do strike when your least expecting it.
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It was my fault with the pea chick, broody mum took it on top of the coop, thought I'd go back and get them in, got side tracked, but won't be caught out again
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Morning everyone, today I'm weather proofing my new chicken coop door and nest box, waiting on egg hatching, semara on day 17, said I wasn't doing more chicks this year but whoops, getting ready for the the dark nights and the cold weaather, hope everyone stays fox free and well.


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