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Hi Kim 


Has Harry fully recovered?


Thankfully it hasn't been too bad here wind wise and I'm right down in the bottom of the valley so that helps. Too wild and wet to get ggs out but not bad enough to do damage. Everywhere is a quagmire though! Oh how I long for a nice hard frost!


Processed two more last night. Took me an hour each to pluck and another hour each to eviscerate. How pathetic is that!! These were 3 year old hens that my neighbour wanted rid of because they hardly ever lay eggs (even when they were younger) and go broody all summer but are too clumsy to hatch eggs. And they are terrified of everything and won't even eat out of your hand let alone be handled, so no endearing features at all. Oh yes, and they are ugly too. Don't ever be persuaded to get Croad Langshans!! I was supposed to do all 4 last night for him but I bottled out after 2 and have promised to do the other 2 next week and then it will be back to sorting my cockerels! I made a cone out of carpet offcut and screwed it to a piece of plywood and dropped them into that after I'd dislocated their necks with the broom shank. The cone worked really well to prevent thrashing and potential bruising and so mush less upsetting than holding them whilst they spasm. I think I'm slowly getting better and finding techniques that work for me but the killing part is still really tough mentally and I was shaking like a leaf after the first and my heart pounding like a steam train. 


My poorly chick is looking more and more like Marek's unfortunately. Still alive and able to walk but isolating herself more and more. Of course it would be one of the few pullet chicks! Thankfully, not one that I am overly attached to but that will probably change if I have to start giving her intensive care. It's difficult not to bond when you are handling them so much. Thankfully the others are mostly looking OK. One still has a poopy bot that I think may also be linked to Marek's but the rest are hale and hearty. One of the older pullets is starting to redden up in the face so I'm hoping I might see an egg from her soon. I'm really not sure of her parentage and she's quite odd looking. I'm guessing that she is from one of Tasha's daughter's eggs but by Henry. She has a black crest and beard golden hackle feathers and welsummer type body. I'm guessing it will be a blue/green egg but so excited to find out for sure! As you said a few posts back, those first eggs get you so ridiculously hyped! I guess each one is kind of like a little miracle of nature, so it's lovely to rejoice in it rather than get complacent or normalised to it. One of my older exchequer leghorns has come back into lay too, so that is promising but I haven't seen an egg from Tasha for a while, so either she's being sneaky... she has past form.... I found a secret nest with 47 in last winter that she and one of her daughters had accumulated.... all still edible too!


Anyway, I think that's all my news. It's absolutely lashing it down out there so I'm putting off going out, but I think I'll have to hunt out the waterproof over trousers and wellies and just go for it! Ugghh!




How is everyone else doing? 




What colour is your pekin. I nearly bought a trio of lavender ones at auction a couple of years ago when I was just starting out. They went too high for my pocket but I still think about them and how gorgeous they were. I don't know much about bantams other than that they are really pretty. Can you post photos? Are the hens Barbu d'Uccles too?


Best wishes to all



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Hi Barbara frow.gif

Yes he's fully recovered thanks highfive.gif I'm still being a little twitchy over him though! I've not dared to give him any more readi grass, I'm soaking his hay and his food is still like soup!! I just dare not risk it yet.

It's the gusts here that have been a pain, we are pretty flat so get the full force of it. Oh don't tell me about the mud barnie.gif Harry and his mate Brannon are wrecking their field already and it's becoming a mud bath. Just when it starts drying out a little with the wind more rain comes along and it's just a vicious circle going round and round. Rugs are caked up and Harry too for that matter!! Get it all cleaned off then it's just as bad when he comes back in the next day. They always pick the most wet and muddiest part to have a roll.

Good job on the hens thumbsup.gif You may be going at it slow and steady but slow and steady always wins the race! Sounds interesting with the carpet, I'm glad you found some thing that works for you, I tell you this, you are far braver than me. I can just imagine your heart beating like a steam train.
If I'm forced I will cull them myself but if the other half is around he does them. To be quite honest most of the excess polish boys got shot. Bit of a chickening out job but it's quick and they don't even hear the bang. With having no meat on them it's not worth growing them on.

Sorry about your poorly chick hugs.gif I know not the news you wanted but I'm glad your others are looking ok. My egg production has pretty much stopped, the warren and Amber are sporadically laying but only 2-3 a week. Can't remember the last time I had a polish egg and even the little pullet seems to be taking a break already. She's not laid for a few days now so I'm hoping it's just her getting her laying machine in order with her being a new layer.

You will have to get on the hunt for a stashed away nest at yours!! That's very sneaky isn't it 47 eggs ep.gif

Hope you made it through the rain, I got my waterproofs out the other day. Hope you have found yours!! I like them as they keep you dry but once you get working and mucking out etc I soon get a sweat on!! Swing and roundabouts I guess.

Hope your having a lovely evening big_smile.png
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What colour is your pekin. I nearly bought a trio of lavender ones at auction a couple of years ago when I was just starting out. They went too high for my pocket but I still think about them and how gorgeous they were. I don't know much about bantams other than that they are really pretty. Can you post photos? Are the hens Barbu d'Uccles too?

Best wishes to all

I Barbara (Ms chatty box) 😁 im not sure what color my pekin is, I got her off my neighbor and her dad was black and her mum was white, but she's kind of gray and cream and orange tbh she's got a few colors in her, and the others are barbu duccle, funny little character, I need to take some new up-to-date photos of the pekin hen, but heres one a few months ago x
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@ emmaellis111


Oh wow! She's a real cutie! I don't know how you would describe her colour either but it's gorgeous. How old is she?

The D'Uccles look pretty too. What a lovely little flock! Do you get any eggs from them? Would be nice to see individual photos of the D'Uccles. You can't really make much out on the group shot.


Hi Kim


So pleased to hear Harry is back to old self but I know what you mean about being paranoid at feed time. Once you have experienced a bad choke, it's really something you don't want to repeat and you've had two serious ones now which must make it 100x worse. I haven't given Rainy a hard feed since his choke months ago, just haylage. They are fat as pregnant pigs at the moment so no need. The only reason I was feeding them was to get antibiotics and bute into Cora for her mastitis, which after all the medication and vets bills, eventually seems to have resolved itself. Note to self to be less keen to call in the vet for that next time.... which sadly there will almost certainly be as she will not stop producing milk each year when the spring grass comes through... Arrgh!.


Thanks for the encouragement re processing. I need all I can get in that department, as it's an on going task that takes a lot of motivation to tackle. I know I will get quicker at it the more I do. I'm so terrified of rupturing the digestive tract that I'm unduly careful and with them being older birds everything is much tougher to disconnect. As you say, slow and steady is the best way forward.


Pretty blustery here today and colder, but blue sky and sunshine so I'll take that and be happy after the lashing rain of yesterday.  . Can't afford to let mine out into the field as I would have no grass in summer if I let them trash it now and they would trash it.. If we have a hard frost or some deep snow I can let them out to play and they really go wild but in the mean time they are confined to the yard where they can walk and trot a few strides and accost passing pedestrians for treats and atention but no real hooleying space. They have so many people trained to bring them treats it's positively embarrassing. Neighbours with bread crusts and veg scraps/peelings.... brussel sprout plants are a favourite at the moment, stalks and all.... and carrots and mints of course. There are even people from neighbouring villages that come in cars to bring them treats. No wonder they are fat! I've thought about banning it, but people get so much pleasure from them and many are elderly people who live alone, that I haven't the heart to do it and I guess it helps break the monotony for the horses of being confined to the yard when I'm not there.


Anyway, it's time I headed back out since the sun is shining.


Best wishes



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She is a little cutey aint she 😀 she's only 18 weeks old , i persuaded my neighbor for her, he was going to sell his chicks and I told him how much I liked her when she was 8 weeks old and he just said take her, so that's how came across her 😀 the d'uccles are around 7 months old I brought them off a lovely lady online , I will try to get some pics of them separately,
Is anyone going to telford international on Saturday? Never been before , taking my kids too there gonna love it x
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Hello, I'm originally from Kent now living on the Causeway Coast, N Ireland.
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Originally Posted by CelticPagan View Post

Hello, I'm originally from Kent now living on the Causeway Coast, N Ireland.

Hi welcome-byc.gif

Glad you could join us here highfive.gif
I bet the causeway coast is beautiful. What birds do you have?
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I have nothing at the moment. I was so desperately wanting lemon Pyle brahmas but hubby has built my coop too small...well he's still building.

He went on line it stated 2ft per bird but the Brahmas is 19" so now I think I'll have to go for two smaller buff Sussex and buff Orpington.

I'm gutted though as I fell in love with the lemon Pyle.
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Oh that's a shame, could you modify to make it bigger? wink.png
An extension maybe?
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Apparently not, I thought I'd replied to this but obviously it didn't send.

It can't be built onto. As it is he had left it that I could not open the roof to feed them so he's had to redo that.

Hubby didn't listen to anything I said.
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