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Hi Barbara frow.gif

I see you on, note it down and get the flags out "I HAVE RIDDEN HARRY HORSE TODAY" woot.gifcelebrate.gifya.gif

How you doing with the riding? Not been on him for 3 weeks hide.gif I know naughty naughty i do deserve a good smack.gif for it!! He was excellent and well behaved. Just went in the school for half an hour so a bit boring but at least I have sat on him.

How are you getting on with those cockerels? Nearly done yet? How about your chick? Any sign of improvement? hugs.gif
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Hi Kim


Having problems with the site at the moment. Sometimes it misses lots of letters when I'm typing and other times it jams up half way through typing a message and I have to switch off and lose it, so going to send in short bursts!


Well done for getting back in the saddle and pleased to hear Harry was well behaved. Wish I could say that for my lot. I rode 4 times last week and even twice in one day but they have been in high jinx mode and we were all lucky to make it back home still on board. Riding out on my own is better in some respects as they aren't quite as excited but there are times when they do still kick off and it's a worry when I'm out on my own in case I come unstuck! Rasc dropped a shoe off last Thurs but my wonderful farrier has been today to put it back on. He (Rascal) also managed to break into the hay shed last week and help himself to a third of a sack of medicated chick crumb and a tiny bit of unsoaked sugarbeet, that had been moved into there whilst the building work was being done on the main stables/feed room and never go moved back. I'm so incredibly lucky that he's got away with it yet again with no ill effects (but unlucky that I have such a naughty beastie). There were smashed pallets and crushed feed bins to clear up but not a scratch on him or even a rumbly tummy. It's even more surprising when you think that he doesn't get any hard feed normally, so that much starch/protein must be a shock to his system. There hasn't even been any change in his poo though! 

I've had my hammer and screwdriver out again and upgraded the fasteners to the hay shed and added more to the fed room door. Arrgh!!!.... what am I supposed to do with him! 

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No worries 😊 My thing is don't let it start in the first place. I take honey and cinnamon daily and apple cider vinegar. I've not had a cold in three years. Keep those bugs at bay wink.png
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Chick no better, no worse, but clearly failing to thrive and I'm pretty sure it is Marek's. Thanks for asking.


Only just finished eating the last cockerels and have my neighbours old chickens to do tomorrow, so I won't be processing any more of my lads until next week. They are working their tickets though and the girls are getting a bit of a hard time from them, so it will be easier to motivate myself to do it, it's just finding the time.


Keep up the riding. You are so lucky to have an arena to use. I'm straight out onto a busy main road. The local farmer has a ménage I can use but it's nearly a mile up a busy main road and I don't think I could safely get them there at the moment or get any sensible work out of them when I did get there or get home safely either... heading home is always a bit hairy! Thankfully, there are several long and quite steep hills that we can go up once we get across the main road and onto the quiet lanes and that helps to take a bit of the steam off them. Then I can drop down onto the disused railway lines for some off road work once I can trust them on softer ground. Rebel threw a whopper of a buck with my sister last Friday. It was just devilment because she was asking him to slow down and he didn't want to Thankfully it was a nice straight one so she landed back in the saddle but there was a good amount of daylight between her and the saddle. Fortunately it doesn't phase her very much.. You would think at 18 yrs old he would be growing out of such juvenile behaviour though.


Anyway, I think that is all my news for now


Best wishes



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@Yorkshirecoop yes hun ur right we do all have flu jab and ive had mine this what I can not understand I said To my hubby God knows how bad this would have been without it I don't think it done sod all, I went out and seen em today they all seemed pleased to seemed except mardy arse!!!!
To answer ur question no this is nit my first baby more lie 5th lol I had 2 with a previous k**b head and this will be the 3rd and final with hubby total accident I had the coil in long story all girls and we think this is girl also.
Ive put a pic on of my youngest at mo at time she was just under 2 holding her favorite chicken shadow that sadly got killed in May by the bloody Fox
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Hi Barbara frow.gif

Is BYC better today? I'd seen a few post and various things yesterday where folk were reporting probs with things on here. It's is a a shame you don't have an arena to ride in does take some hassle out of having to go out in the road. I've got Harry in a village so the biggest stuff we get is farm traffic but I swear they are getting bigger vehicles year on year. Could your next project be an area? The yard over the road from us where I keep Harry are having an indoor arena built. I did see it in the planning apps but it seems an awful lot bigger now they have started putting it up. No wonder there livery is a fortune over there and to be quite honest it's a bit posh for me over there!! Me and Harry are bit more rough and ready and make do and mend that would def not suit over the road!!

Oh Rebel sounds a real monkey!! Good job is was a straight one, daylight between the bottom and saddle is generally not a good thing ep.gif
At least she did not fly out the side door gig.gif He sounds 18 years young and not old!!
Hope you will be able to get out a bit more soon, can you guess the quietest times to get out? We have to when it's harvest in the village as that's just a nightmare with combines coming at you round the corners.
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That is a gorgeous pic love.gif What a shame the fox took Shadow hit.gif
Number five on the way for you then ep.gif Hats off to you girl, one was more than enough for me. As much as I love Charlie I could never go through that again. He was an accident too but a good one. Kids were never on my agenda but he came along and I couldn't have wished for a better son. He's 13 right now 14 next month. Growing up fast and does not want me holding his hand anymore!!

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Hi my name is Jayne and i have a mixture of chickens and a  Blue Brahma cockerel. I live near Newcastle in Northumberland and if any one has any advice on Brahma cockerels please, I would like to hear from you thanks

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Hi PookPook and XXJAWRIGHTXX and welcome


Great to see to more members from this part of the world.... we could nearly start our own subsection!..... I'm just next door in County Durham.




What breeds are your girls? Are you getting any eggs at the moment. Things are pretty lean on that front here at the moment.



@ Jayne


I don't have any experience of Brahmas but I have quite a few (far too many) cockerels. What do you need advice with regarding him? 

What breed of hens do you have? 



Hi and welcome to CelticPagan too.


I tried to say hello last week but my computer jammed up and I lost it and forgot to try later. always good to have a witch on board. Shame you haven't got room for the breed you really want but I can pretty much guarantee that you will end up building/buying another coup at some point and adding to your flock because it is seriously addictive, so hold onto the lemon pyle Brahma dream.... you will get there in the end!


Hi Kim


Still having problems with the site. every 4th or 5th letter doesn't appear and I'm not quite up to touch typing, so by the time I look up I have half a sentence to correct. It's very slow and time consuming.

No chance of my own arena. Would never get planning as my yard is actually on top of the roman fort and I haven't got enough grass to sacrifice an area and drainage would be a problem (my land is very wet at this time of year and that is without considering that I'm broke from the building work!


Me and Harry are bit more rough and ready and make do and mend that would def not suit over the road!!    

Don't make me laugh!!! You already told me you have warm shower facilities for horses at your yard. How much more luxurious can things get!! I can't even use a hose off the only tap I have which is outside, because there is no drainage, so the water runs straight into the gateway and field. My beasties don't get a bath from one year to the next apart from mud baths which of course they are particularly fond! 


Great photo of your son. He obviously enjoys the country lifestyle. 


Must go now before computer jams up again and I lose this message too and it's not raining so plenty of work to get on with out there.


Best wishes to all



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