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Congratulations on the arrival of Aiyla Dawn clap.gif

I was beginning to worry, so pleased you were able to check in here. What an horrific birth, goodness I feel for you hugs.gif Pleased to hear she arrived safely in the end and that you are both home big_smile.png Fingers crossed your pain eases soon fl.gif

Love the pics, she really is gorgeous love.gif
But big!!

Love to you all hugs.gif
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Congrats ggbear, hard work but worth it, I had a 28 hour labour with my third no fun but at least no c section, pulled five huge lambs in the last 2 days so am aching abit myself, she is beautiful by the way
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Hi I'm from England, Oxfordshire 

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Many congratulations from me too GG


Hope you are feeling better soon but good to hear you are being spoiled...long may that last!

Shame they couldn't have decided on a c section earlier and prevented some of that trauma, especially when they've known for weeks that she was so large.


Anyway thanks for sharing photos of your lovely little girl. Very best wishes to you both.

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Hi Taimon01 and welcome.


What breed of chickens/poultry do you have? Are you getting many eggs? Look forward to hearing more about you.





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Hi Philyc


Pleased to hear that you have your family back home and that your girls are starting to producing a slow trickle of eggs..... hope it becomes a more steady flow in the near future. 

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Congratulations on your new arrival!

And yes, hopefully more eggs soon.

Husband to a loving wife, Father to a baby girl, and keeper of 4 chickens.


2 Exchequer Leghorns (Thyme, Rosmary) a Partridge Pekin (Nutmeg), two brahmas, speckled sussex, two unknown.


Husband to a loving wife, Father to a baby girl, and keeper of 4 chickens.


2 Exchequer Leghorns (Thyme, Rosmary) a Partridge Pekin (Nutmeg), two brahmas, speckled sussex, two unknown.

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How's your coop coming along? All good I hope? Bet your weather is better there than here! big_smile.png


Hope things are well for you? Did you get your burger? droolin.gif Hard work with the weather right now, yesterday was just awful sickbyc.gif Had 2 escapees on Monday and I tried to hang on and got rope burns. Skin gone on a finger on each hand others are red and shiny with surface burns and by goodness they are sore. Just dont realise how much you use your hands untill they are not in full working order barnie.gif
Not mine they were the ones I do for friends, lord knows what had got into them. Was a bit breezy and cold but what they spooked at I just dont know idunno.gif
Lots of choice words came out of my mouth! duc.gif


Sounds like you have a full busy house again!! Congrats on those eggs, hope you have more soon too. How's the cats getting on with the chickens? Fingers crossed that they are getting on OK with each other.


Hi there and welcome to thread frow.gif
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Hi Kim.


That is making me wince. Feeling for you, especially when it is both hands. I wear gloves almost all the time even in summer as my skin is very dry and cracks as soon as it is exposed, but I have still been caught out before with a relatively minor rope burn so I do sympathise. My sister was just telling me last week that a friend on her yard ended up in A&E with the same thing and they strapped her up and have put her on antibiotics, presumably because lead robes are not exactly the cleanest items. She had also dunked her hand straight into a bucket of cold water, which oddly, according the medical staff, was the wrong thing to do. Like you she was handling someone else's horse for them.


Sad to report that poor Harry, my legbar cockerel, has gone the journey, as well as a couple of other boys from the bachelor pad that were looking unwell. He was depressed and starting to look poorly and was losing weight rapidly even though I was doing my best to feed him away from the others. I don't know how old he was, as he was a gift to me as an adult bird, but I decided his time had come.


Since then 4 more of the adolescent boys are starting to come into their hormones, so there will be more processing in the next day or two as they are harassing the hens and if I put them in the bachelor pad, there is then no impetus on me to deal with them. It just becomes too easy to keep them until "another day" and I can't possibly keep all of them. It's also easier mentally to do the deed when they are actively causing a nuisance within the flock. I picked one of them off the roost last night and he's a decent weight, so it's time. Unfortunately the "Oik" being a leghorn cross is small and hardly worth the effort and whatever flesh is on him will probably still be bruised from his dust up with Henry, so I'm leaving him for now. Thankfully they seem to have a peace treaty which is holding at the moment.


No I didn't get my burger as it was closed when we got there and we only had about 10 mins before the film started because I was running late as usual, so we grabbed the nearest fast food which was a KFC, scoffed it at record speed and made it into the cinema just as the main feature was starting. Film was really good though..... better than I anticipated..... but probably not the most romantic evening I've had. Did you do anything for Valentines?

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Hi @rebrascora a bit about me 

I've got 2 light sussex's which i raised from young chicks (one normal female and one unsexed bantam), a pair of silkies which a friend of mine got for me two days ago and a trio of Barbu d'uccles  6 months old ( which my friend also got me ) all my chickens are last years chicks. Only one egg a day from my light sussex hen (hopefully some more soon:fl).Hoping for some broody hens soon ( my first broody hen ). I've had cream legbar hens but sadly got eaten by a fox so i took a break from chickens, my mum got a large area concreted for me in 2014 so i could put my aviary on I extended my aviary and thought it was quite empty so instead of buying more birds i decided to get Chicken last year summer. A few weeks after getting them a friend that breeds birds for a living was throwing away a 6x8 shed it had some rot on the bottom, no roof and no base and because I had no money to buy a new coop big i decided to spend some time  and fix the shed and find free wood to make a roof and base ( I put the base on today but made the shed with roof first so i had to lift it and squees it under took over 3 hours but watching the chickens jump up to roost at night made it all worth while).

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