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Hi Barbara frow.gif

You must be psychic as I was just going to post on here as I've just put my final tally on the hatch a long thread big_smile.png Was going to post all my updates but with how long the first pics took to put on I had to dash off and do Harry horse. He's not a happy bunny as he had to stay in today because I wormed him. I'm sure he will be raring to go in the morning. I actually managed to get the other non horsey horsey half to come with me and take him for a walk and some grass while I mucked out!!

Yes a bit of a bummer with the three cockerels and I'm dreading culling them sad.png They just seem too cute and fluffy!! I've messaged a girl I know who took my mums cockerel to see if she wants them. She likes to rescue them and has a big batchelor pad on an allotment so we will see what she says. The pekin seem to be black mottled from what I can see, they are a little wet yet but from what I have googled they seem black mottled.

Good going on the riding highfive.gif The Sunday lunch sounds great droolin.gif I feel like a nap, was late to bed as I was watching these chicks hatch then up at 5 to look at them again. I may have the same idea as you and have little nap!!
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Here's a quick vid of the little black pekin, so cute with their little furry feet love.gif

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hi 🙋 to all the Yorkshire crew lol 😁 feeling much better sorry its been a while my husband did take some pics of my lovely Casper but om still waiting for him to share so I went out and took pic instead she's also plucking her bum infact its starting to look like a bloody bullseye 🎯 on a dartboard 😢 any thoughts
Btw she seems to be acting normal apart from that

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Hi frow.gif GG

Glad to hear your feeling much better highfive.gif

Plucking her bum could mean she us being irritated by lice/mites. My mum is having trouble at the minute with lice on her birds. I've been rigorously dusting them for her. Her coop was showing mites too but finally my dad has got her new one put together and we moved them in this morning. I would dust your birds with DE earth or a louse powder, check your coop and make sure they have a dust bath. Treat regular at least once a week. Have a look in between her feathers around her vent but part them quick as the lice run fast as soon as they see light.
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Not seen any evidence of any
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 i think theres a mixture of chicks not sure what breeds

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Originally Posted by donald1960 View Post

 i think theres a mixture of chicks not sure what breeds

Nice mix you have there and lovely pics. Is that your daughter?

You could post some pics in this section ~ Im sure other members will be able to help you ID them.
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Originally Posted by GGBEAR View Post

Not seen any evidence of any

They are hard to spot somad.gif

Could she have got a bit of frost bite on her comb over the winter? At first I was thinking fowl pox but it doesn't appear to be that as its just on the tips of her comb.
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I shall investigate tomorrow and dust them again if frostbite will it go?
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What adorable chicks :) I'd love to have a rooster but couldn't due to the crowing - living in central London crowing hens are not welcome! If anyone has one of a breed that doesn't crow I'd happily adopt it rather than it having to be slaughtered. We get too many eggs as it is.


I've now made a fence out of chicken wire and bamboo canes so that my girls can roam free in the "orchard" section at the back of the garden. Now they can roam around, make dustbowls and dig for worms without destroying all my hard work in the rest of the garden, though I will still let them out there when I'm there to supervise. My male cat chases the neighbourhood cats away when they come too close. :)


They all sleep in the nesting box! I guess this is because they're rescues and not used to roosting. They seem really happy during the day, though - I'm absolutely loving having them.

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