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Hi Barbara frow.gif

I candled the Tolbunt last night and all 15 are looking good and on track wee.gif
Just one more week of waiting pop.gif

Harry pulled a back shoe off and gone lame sad.png Made a right mess of his foot, I wouldn't mind but he wasn't even due for doing yet. Hope the blacksmith gets a wriggle on and gets here soon but as usual I'm sure it will be a phone call saying "Im five minutes away!" When your least expecting it.

Hope your riding is going well and all your birds are well big_smile.png
A broody yet?
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Hi Kim


That's fantastic news about your eggs. Hope their success continues though to hatch. Sorry to hear about Harry pulling a shoe though. Hope you get him fixed soon. My previous farrier used to be like that. You rang and left messages week after week and then he would ring at 9.30pm to say he would be there at 8am the following morning. It really used to stress me which is why I value the wonderful service I get from my current farriers so highly. They are due next Tue and for the first time in a long while, their shoes are looking thin and it's only 8weeks  so I' quite proud of myself. My sister has an app on her phone which tracks and records distance and top speed and average speed. She has set herself a goal of doing 100 miles a month on her horses and she has had Jack up to 27 miles an hour!!

We had a great ride out yesterday...6.3miles. She brought her friend's western saddle again and put it on Rebel this time and I really think he went better in it, as did Rascal last week. Jo thinks, because she feels more secure in it, she can allow them a little more freedom without the worry of hitting the deck. MeMe didn't want to go down to the river again, but once she got to the edge, she stepped in without hesitation so I was delighted with that and afterwards we let them graze the green next to It as a reward, so that hopefully she will learn t associate the river with a positive experience.


Tomorrow there is a fur and feathers auction at Hexham Mart which is about 12 miles away and Ian has decided that he is going to get me some fancy bantams for this little coop I bought, as it's too small for anything else... so I may be getting Lavender Pekins sooner than I thought! No broody yet, although Frances my no.2 broody, who is a bantam silkie/cochin mix, was in the nest box this morning looking like she might be considering it....probably just wishful thinking on my part though.


I see I got well and truly April Fooled on the coloured egg feed thread this morning! Didn't realise it was April 1st until this afternoon. Did you realise it was a spoof?


Anyway, I must go and put chucks away and do evening stables. Hope Harry is less sore footed tomorrow.


Best wishes



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You got top rated post of the day! woot.gif

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@Yorkshire coop

Hi Kim

That must make me top April Fool of the BYC year then! :hu Not sure it is anything to be proud of. I had no idea I'd got 17 ovations from it so I guess that is pretty impressive! I'm sure there was only one when I was online last night.


Just got back from my travels. Was very naughty at the "fur and feather" auction and came back with a trio of lavender pekins, and 3 mixed colour pekin hens, a porcelain, a brown mottled and a silver laced, so six new chucks. Ian treated me and they went for a lot less than he expected to pay, which is why he got me the other 3. They have all been tossed in together and after a short dust up, they seem to have sorted their pecking order out for now. Also been and collected my new coop, which needed to be dismantled for transport and will get a good coat of creosote before it gets reassembled and used.


Going out for dinner tonight as my best friend is emigrating to Australia, so it's a kind of farewell evening. I'm really sad to lose her, but her daughter, who lives in Brisbane, is expecting her first baby and wants Liz there. Apart from the heat, I can understand the attraction, so I don't blame her for jumping at the chance.


Riding out tomorrow again with my young friend, if the weather allows, so it's all go at the moment. Will try to remember to ask my sister what the app is when I see her tonight.


Hope you are having a great weekend.


Best wishes



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It was a well thought out post Barbara so well deserved of all the ovations! big_smile.png

Congrats on your new birds!! Isn't that always the case when only go for a certain amount lau.gif

I've moved the 7 chicks out to the shed today so they have more room. Chirping a bit but not too bad. The little pekin are just so little, just got some pics of them ~

I can certainly see the draw of oz, I hope it all works out well for her. Have a lovely evening out, not too much drink though if your riding tomorrow wink.png

Nothing worse than hang over and a bouncy horse sickbyc.gif
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Congratulations Barbara on your friend award badge ya.gif
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Thanks Kim but what is a "friend award badge"? and how do you know I've got one?


Didn't have anything to drink as I was driving. Took 2.5 hrs for them to serve us food by which time we just wanted to walk out, but of course it was too late to go anywhere else and start over and we were starving! Obviously complained, but the whole restaurant was up in arms because everyone had had to wait that long. Felt sorry for the waitresses as they took the brunt of it and not their fault. Apparently, there is no manager and the owner was a dithering idiot who had no idea how to run a catering establishment.... and it was not a cheap establishment. It was so appalling it was like some sort of comedy sketch. Thankfully the company and conversation was excellent, but won't ever be going back there again!   

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Good morning Barabara frow.gif

Your badge is in your profile, circled red in this pic ~

It was announced here in this thread ~
You can check out the nomination process in the first post of the thread.

Oh goodness that sounds really bad service last night!! With it not being a cheap place you would certainly have expected better. I'm pleased to hear though the company and conversation was excellent. Hope the food was ok when it eventually arrived? Or was it just the service that was appalling?

You will be all good for riding then with no drink big_smile.png
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Thanks Kim for directing me to that thread. I feel quite embarrassed that I didn't know about it and haven't nominated anyone myself. What a great idea it is and I now see that you have a range of badges so many congrats to you,


Food when it came was scorching hot but that just added to the frustration as you either tucked into it and burnt your mouth or had to sit and wait for it to become cool enough to eat comfortably and enjoy. Of course I couldn't wait because I was ravenous, so eating it was not an enjoyable experience! Menu choice was very mimited so I ended up ordering a burger which came with those horrid fast food French fries stick things which I hate, when everyone else had proper chunky chips. Needless to say I sent those straight back, The burger was nice but so deep with filling that it was almost impossible to eat. Ian and my brother in law ordered cod and chips and they got three fish goujons  with some chips and a pot of mushy peas. They were not impressed. And the chips were so salty I couldn't eat them all and I never leave anything on principle!.... spent half the night drinking water as I kept waking up with a dry mouth.... Really it was a total disaster from a catering and hospitality point of view! They didn't even think to bring bread to the table so that we had something to pick at whilst we waited. Some of our party hadn't ordered starters, so they waited even longer for their first food.


Anyway, enough of our appalling meal, my new girls have paid bed and board already with three diddy little cream/pink eggs. I suppose it will be a while before I see any more from them but good to know that they are laying.


Your little chicks look incredibly cute. I'm hoping that I will be able to raise some little fluff balls from these new girls. They should make good broodies.

They haven't ventured down onto the grass yet and I think the ramp might be a little steep and slippery for them. so I need to put some extra slats on it to make it easier for them to negotiate. They are really pretty though.... I'm very pleased with them so far. 

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Originally Posted by Dave C View Post

Thanks YC,

I currently have 3 breeding flocks
La Bresse, Dark Indian Game Cornish and Welsummer.

I breed pure Welsummer and have a dark egg project of crossing them with Cuckoo Marans which makes sex linked chicks and better layers than both breeds keeping lovely dark brown eggs.

The other project I have going is to breed the ultimate roasting bird, ha.

Hi all, first time on this this year as all my stock were killed in a fox attack last November!!!!!!

As you can imagine I was sick !!!
But now I'm looking to get started again.
I do have local lads that have my various breed bloodlines but I also havethe following on my short list :-

Buff Plymouth Rocks LF
Buff Sussex LF
Wheaten Marans

If anyone has any Birds, chicks or hatching eggs for sale please let me know.

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