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@ Yorkshire coop


Hi Kim


Can't believe those Tolbunt eggs are ready to hatch already!!!.... doesn't time fly! Look forward to reading updates on them and keeping my fingers crossed although I'm sure under your expert supervision, they will all be successful.


Sorry to hear your egg tally has dropped again.... maybe it's a fluke that it has reduced and it will be back up again today. Yes, I found the secret nest.... actually there were two of them but I had already found the smaller one that only had 3 eggs in it a couple of days now has 5.... but I'm leaving it as it's owner may go broody when she gets enough. The other was a ladder and crawl board job but the stream of chickens joining the queue for it and  chuntering on to the occupant of it to hurry up cos they were desperate, was the give away! Only 10 eggs, so it hasn't been on the go for very long. I think Tasha may have started it off as there were more of her eggs than anyone else's and she's got form for going up into the eaves when she's getting ready to go broody.... Funny how she will lay in my nest boxes quite happily for several months and then suddenly decide she wants her own.... it's like she's saying "those are yours and I give you them freely but I want these for myself". Unfortunately her daughters and granddaughters are nearly as quirky and flighty as she is and they have cottoned on to her idea but without finding their own nest site.


Yes my new littles are still doing well. I got two more eggs yesterday, so it seems that they have not been unduly stressed by their change of scene. I need to make them an add on covered pen though as things are just a bit more cramped than I would like for them now but I'm wary of letting them out into an open pen as they are small enough for the cat to maybe be tempted. 

I spoke too soon about them managing the ramp though! I got a phone call from a friend the other night just as I was heading out to put them away and when I finished and went to lock them up it was dark and they were all pilled up together in the far back corner of the run underneath the coop. I couldn't reach them and I tried to lever them out with a broom shank but they would just rush back into the corner before I could grab them and the little doorway isn't wide enough for me to get both arms and shoulders through and of course I was having to try to hold a torch in one hand whilst I was wedged in the doorway on my knees and elbows with bum up in the air frantically trying to stretch a few more inches without getting stuck. Shame it was dark and there was no one about as someone could have had a good laugh at my expense otherwise. It must have looked comical. Needless to say, I have now modified the ramp and all went according to plan last night!


Yes, I will be intending to set some of their eggs or hopefully let them brood their own. They are just really sweet little things. Different to the large fowl altogether.... calmer and cuter! It's adding a whole new dimension to my poultry keeping. I would really like to put Frances in with them as she is my only other bantam but she is so used to being completely free range I'm not sure how she would take to being penned in and she holds her own really well in with the big girls and boys.... and of course, introducing a single to an established flock of 6 is not simple. I would probably have to split them and put one in with her and then reintroduce.... so lots to think about but her colouring would complement the group and she's half silkie, so would add an extra dimension to the genetics..... as you can tell I'm off and running with this mentally at least!!!


Had another great ride out yesterday with my sister and hope to get Rascal out on my own tomorrow. He was not happy about being left at home yesterday.... I so need another experienced rider, so that we can get all three out, but Ian won't entertain it, nor do I really want him riding my horses.... he doesn't have the patience. As far as he is concerned the best thing for them would be half an ounce of lead! Was thinking of placing a card on Morrisons display board... our local shop just closed, so that option is gone. I think I need to target places that the general public go rather than feedstores where the only people who see them already have horses. Maybe a sign on the gate since I'm on a busy main road, might generate some (perhaps too much!) interest.


Anyway, I must crack on with my daily chores now but look forward to logging in later to get an update on your hatch news.


Good luck



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Originally Posted by philyc View Post

morning all!

been a very busy few weeks for me, despite being on holiday. looking after my 11 month daughter has been a treat but that mixed with sorting the contents of my garage out has meant ive had very little time for myself.

We now have both leghorns laying and one of the banthams. the leghorns are both producing an egg a day, the smallest so-far has been 73g, so nice and big. with the bantham producing eggs about half the size... but perfect to give to the neighbours for their children.

we have also planted out a lot of our veg, a huge amount of peas, beans and carrots. as well as a host of chillis and peppers. we are also trying squashes and pumpkins this year, last year they were eaten by slugs very quickly but since we have moved into the new house ive seen one slug, so it seems safe to carry on with this venture.

Our fence has now been fixed too, so i may clip the hens wings and try them free ranging in the garden at somepoint, will just need to make sure that the cats are inside when we do. they have been fine with the chickens in their enclosure and ignore them but slightly unsure how they will interact in an open environment.

i now have a hectic week at work, getting ready to go away for two weeks on exercise, so leaving the Mrs and my mother who is coming to stay in charge of all livestock, so fingers crossed they are still here when i get back!


Sounds like you have been busy!! I too have been tackling my garage of late and getting rid of things that are no longer needed. It has made much more room and things are looking more tidy. I'm sure that will not last long though! Not planted anything though as the chicken just destroy it all. Maybe some hanging baskets for the summer but that will be it. I'm sure your wife and mother will do great with livestock while your away. Catch you when you return.
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Hi Barabara frow.gif

Oh goodness I've been peeing my pants at the visions of your escapades with the small coop and new birds lau.gif I read it out to the other half and he had a good laugh too big_smile.png Pointing out that it sounds like something that would happen here!! I've had some odd things go in the dark when locking up!! I just hope my over looking neighbours were not watching me out in the dressing gown with boots and a towel in my hair!! Those small coops sure can be a hassle to get right in, I have a couple of them and they are not the easiest.

Your like Sherlock Holmes with the secret nest hunt gig.gif Bit of a pain for you that they are all following suit. If Tasha is the culprit it's a bit of a bummer for her that everyone is stealing her spot!! I can imagine them being like lemmings trundling along to lay.

I think that's a great idea getting some one in to help with the riding. I'm sure there will be a willing person out there who maybe can't afford to keep their own horse and would really appreciate the chance to ride again. I'm sure you will give them a good vetting though, I know I would wink.png

The eggs have started pipping yesss.gif
Have got two so far.

The time seems to have taken ages but now they are pipping it doesn't seem to have. All a bit odd really. I've just realised though that the incubator has been on for 5 weeks non stop now with me setting two seperate batches. Plus I've got the replacement eggs arriving the last week April from Durham hens so it won't be much of a break for the thing.

Hope you have a good day and I will report back with an egg update big_smile.png
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Good morning Barbara frow.gif

4 chicks hatched in the night so I missed them all!! A nice thing to wake up to though big_smile.png

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@Yorkshire coop


 Whoo Hoo!! Congratulations on the first four. Lots more to come I hope.


Isn't life funny! Having just made that decision to advertise for someone to come and ride yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon threw my way, the exact opportunity I was looking for. A couple whom I have just started delivering horse manure to and who I've convinced have a perfect garden for beekeeping, stopped in yesterday afternoon to check out some measurements of my hives as he is making one for himself (and admire my new little banties of course (their second lot of visitors in the same afternoon!!... they are more popular than me!) Anyway, he happened to mention that his neighbour was horsey but since I knew there was a horse in the field next to him I assumed it was hers, so didn't click. After a bit of talking around the subject it eventually turned out that that is not her horse and she'd really like to come and help out with my horses (everyone local knows my horses because they are in the middle of the village next to the shop), just to be around them but hopefully to ride out with me which is the thing I need most. Apparently she broke her back in a bad riding accident years ago and had been away from horses ever since, but has recently been feeling the need to get back on and has been going for riding lessons. Of course the horses are sedate and a bit stale (as many riding school horses are) and she's stopped going because there is no joy in it and she wants something more challenging. Anyway, I explained that I was just thinking of advertising for someone to come and ride, so he is going to pass my phone number on to her. How serendipitous is that? She must be about the same age as me, because her family is grown up. I'm so looking forward to hearing from her and keeping my fingers crossed that she can manage my horses and they get on.


Must crack on now as lots to do. Look forward to further updates on the hatch. They do look cute. I got another two eggs from my little girls yesterday. I'm amazed that they are continuing to lay after going through the ordeal of the sales and new flock members and a whole change of scene and routine. I'm definitely sold on pekins!


Best wishes



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Hi Phil


How lovely that you were able to spend some extended time with your young daughter. My sister and I were both Daddy's girls and it made me think of all the wonderful times we spent with him in the garden and helping build things, although I guess your little girl is still too young for all that yet.

I've just had to clamber into the back of my garage to find something..... I'm an Olympic standard hoarder. I would like to say that your garage clear out has inspired me but I think I'm beyond hope in that respect. I do admire people who can be ruthless and clear the decks though.


I'm impressed that you are planting out already. My garden is still too cold and wet. I have garlic and winter onions in from last autumn but potatoes are still chitting and definitely can't sow anything yet. I've never grown pumpkin, so I'll be interested to hear how they get on. I have had good results with courgettes though and I really want to get leeks and parsnips in this year, as they are veggie favourites and leeks were shockingly expensive to buy this winter.


Good to hear your leghorns are laying so well and how lovely that you give the banty eggs to the neighbours for their children.  As you may have read, I've just got some bantams and I'm getting quite a few dinky little eggs from them although at the moment I'm saving them up in case I get a clocker in the near future. I was offered the loan of an incubator but I daren't go down that route as it's just too easy to get overrun. At least if I have to wait for a hen to go broody it's self limiting.


It sounds like you have got all the hard work done before you go away, so the ladies should have no problem maintaining things until you get back.


Best wishes



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That's well spooky Barbara with the lady who might help you out!! Weird isn't it how things tend to fall into place like that. I hope it all works out with her and she gets on with your crew fl.gif I'm so pleased to hear your enjoying your new flock members big_smile.png Bantams sure do bring a whole new side of chicken keeping to your life.

These eggs are popping like popcorn now # 7 are out so far jumpy.gif Here is # 6 just hatched ~

Just uploading a vid of # 7 so will post it when it's on yippiechickie.gif
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@Yorkshire coop


Hi Kim. Great to hear that it is all going pop in your incubator! The kinked forelock on that chick is just so funny! Look forward to seeing the video of No 7 hatching later.

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It finally uploaded big_smile.png
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Hello's been a while since I've been on BYC ... but I was after some advice please. I have a 18 month old (approx) Speckeldy hen who has a dropped wing. I've just got back from a weeks holiday, the lady looking after my flock (28 chucks and 5 ducks) said she noticed no injuries etc...I've taken her to my local avian vet who detected no breaks, possible soft tissue damage or Mareks. She was bought as vaccinated so I hope not. She is now barely eating or drinking...I'm at my wits end now with what to do next. I have a little Silkie with lice so I have today treated all with Ivermectin so if worms are a problem then the ill hen has had that dealt with. She has nasty, foul smelling watery poo now too. Total lack of appetite, not even eating tuna her total favourite, though pecked at a tiny amount of corn..Any hints and tips greatly received x

Recent pic 10 mins ago showing the dropped wing.
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Proud Mother Hen to Maiya the Rooster, 23 mixed hens and 5 very naughty ducks...oh yeah and to my 12 year old daughter ;-)
Proud Mother Hen to Maiya the Rooster, 23 mixed hens and 5 very naughty ducks...oh yeah and to my 12 year old daughter ;-)
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