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Originally Posted by Yorkshire coop View Post

th.gif Do you have an incubator?

Yeah have a incubator yeh, ha.
Half the eggs are in the Incy but it's always a worry.
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@Dave C


What a shame about the broodies but moving them would no doubt unsettle them.  Will you be able to borrow an incubator or will half the eggs waste. Buff rocks are an interesting choice. Did you source the eggs locally? I'm always looking to add new colours to my flock and I don't have any buff. I had toyed with an Orp or two but Rocks would be another option I hadn't considered.

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One of the broodies decided to sit after all so fingers crossed but this snowy weather isn't helping I'm sure.
Yeh Buff rocks are a nice looking bird, got the eggs posted from Devon so not local to me, I'm in Teesdale co Durham 😀
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@Dave C


Yes Dave I know you are in Teesdale... your location is displayed on your profile at the side of each post you make... just like mine says Consett Co.Durham.

I'm not into buying and hatching shipped eggs, so was hoping you had got them locally .....too much uncertainty when I can pretty much guarantee a better success rate from local eggs and would rather give a local breeder the trade...Durham Hens will be getting a visit as soon as I have my next broody. 


Great to hear the broody has settled to her job again though. Good luck with your hatch.





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Don't show up on the mobile ha

Yes I agreed I don't like having them through the post either but looked everywhere for these and didn't really have a choice.
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frow.gif Barbara!

Got some pics today of the black tails. I've moved the pullets in with my frizzle mother hen who has been living her own as the others were attacking her. She has taken to them well but I still think she is a loner and prefers solice hmm.png

Here are the black tail cockerels, I'm hoping they can go to their new home this weekend. Just waiting for her to get back to me about them.

I think one of my Pekin is a cockerel. The one with most white is very red compared to the other darker one behind it in the pic.

Tolbunts are coming on well but a lot of them don't have enough white hmm.png

Hope your all ok up there big_smile.png Getting plenty of riding in and your eggs are coming on well. How long now?
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Hi Kim


Can't believe how big the blacktails are already. I rather like the look of the cockerels and I wonder how much meat they will put on. Yes, I think you are right about that pekin being a roo. Shame the Tolbunts aren't quite what you hoped for colour wise but I'm sure with your experience you will be able to improve on that with the next generation.


Yes, lots of riding. We had all 3 out yesterday despite the caught out in three hail, sleet and rain storms and it really was a bitter driving wind. Lads were hyper, which made it even more challenging but we all got back safe and sound, if a bit damp and cold! Jo brought Jack over again on Wed and I look MeMe out with her and we had a really good ride including jumping over a few logs (MeMe's first attempt at jumping!) and a bit of a gallop afterwards!!! She also went into the river first and although there was some hesitation, the important thing is that she didn't need a lead into it from another horse or a person. And we had several short stretches of canter where she went into it on request rather than falling into it from a fast trot, so I was absolutely delighted. Riding again this afternoon with Helen. Hoping the fun ride is still going to be on, on Mon but the land is very wet and 100+ horses galloping across wet grassland will make a mess of the farmers fields, so may be cancelled if ground doesn't dry up. If it is on, then we will be spending the day tomorrow building and dressing jumps and the horses will get a day off.


Chicks are due to hatch Tue/Wed. Poor Frances has terrible diarrhoea and her broody poops are just liquid splats. Thankfully she is holding it OK so not soiling the nest. I've tried mixing some bio yoghurt into chick crumb for her, but I'm not seeing an improvement.... got any suggestions? 


My two older girls with respiratory infections are holding on. I've been daubing them with eucalyptus oil at night and Henrietta, who was the worst, seems to be improving. Anna appears to be having problems swallowing (a big problem for her as she is a gannet) as well as raspy breathing, so I think she may have an infection in her throat. I draw the line at vets and Anti Bs for chickens, so I may need to bite the bullet and euthanize if she doesn't pick up soon. She's still up on the highest roost (6ft) on a night though, so not a gonner yet. A bit of warm weather and sunshine would certainly help her.


Anyway, gotta go ride. Have a good weekend and hope you manage to get Harry out for a ride too.


Best wishes



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Barb d'uccle chicks for sale unsexed £5 each or 4 for £15 all related . Collection from Oxforshire or can deliver if live in Nottingham, Slough, Warwick or Stratford for extra £5 

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Hi Barabara,

How did the ride go? Hope you missed the rain, hail, sleet and possible snow!! We have had a bit of everything down here sad.png Plus some warm sunshine thrown in the mix too! It sounds like you are doing really well with all your riding, cantering, a gallop and the water.

Yes the black tails have grown really well but boy they eat loads of food. Far more than the little polish. But they seem healthy and are looking good and have feathered out quick so I've managed wean them off heat pretty quick. The girl taking the cockerels messaged me back and she can take them on Monday big_smile.png She is not one for eating them so as for how much meat they put I won't be sure but she will take these others in the incubator too so will get to see them a bit later. They seem pretty heavy birds so I'm guessing they could be good for the pot.

4 - 5 of the polish look to be decent Tolbunt colour so we will see how they finish up. Some just don't look Tolbunt at all hmm.png I'm quite convinced one of the little Pekin is a cockerel so I might change my ads to a pair but not 100% sure yet.

As for Frances have you tried some apple cider vinegar in her water? This is meant to help with the digestive system. It's worked for me with chicks and I add some to the older chickens water too. Maybe it's just a blip in the digestive system and will work its way through.

It does sound respiratory for your older girls, I too draw the line at taking chickens to the vets but I have given them human antibiotics before. Most things you can sort out yourself and if not they have to go to the coop in the sky fl.gif they can fight it off and get well agian soon, I hope so Barabara.

Hope your ride can go ahead on Monday, there is a show at the yard where I keep Harry on Monday ~

They have been trying to get me to go in some classes but I think at 20 years old he may be past it. Can you imagine the shame if we got asked to leave the ring!! When we have done fun/sponsored rides in the past he has set off and gone round like its the grand national sad.png I think he would be the same with lots of horse around him at a show. They are having 4 this year as a new venture somad see how many is there this time as possibly think about the next time round.

No news on the other thing yet, said it could be 2 weeks which is not until Tuesday. But I'm taking things as no news is good news.

Hope you have a lovely evening big_smile.png

Catch you soon


PS ~ Congrats on reaching 1,000 posts clap.gif
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Hi everyone, does anyone know of anywhere in the uk I can buy walking harnesses with the diaper bit for my two ducks please? Thank you.
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