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Eggbound going on 4 days

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One of my favorite chickens is eggboud really bad. I gave her 3 warm water bats, soaking for 30 minures each and massaging her abdomen.  I can feel the lumps between her legs.  The eggs are not stuck near the vent.

I took her to the vet 2 days ago and he gave her 2 shots each of calcium and Oxytocin but no results.  The bill was $178 and as  much as I love my girl, I  can't spend much more  on the  poor thing.  I bring  her in at night to sleep in a box with a heating pad.  She still eats, but not much.  I fried her some salmon this morning which she liked and she still likes grapes and lettuce.  Her poo is quite watery.

During the day she just stands by herself.  I went to a second vet yesterday who works with chickens hoping she could massage the eggs out somehow but she just offered the same treatments as the other vet. Does anyone know of any other way to relieve this poor chicken of her eggs? I cannot bring myself to cull her as long as she eats and can walk but I know the clock is ticking and it is a miracle she has lasted this long.  Thank you 

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I'm so sorry to hear this.  I have just gone through the same thing this week.  I had to take my hen to the vet and euthanize her, she was suffering and I tried everything I could for her.  The day I came home from the vet, noticed my favorite hen have similar problems.  I have noticed in the last month soft shelled eggs.  My girls are a month shy of a year old, and I have never had any experience with hens before.  The people at the feed store told me that the crumbles have everything in their food that they need.  Not true.  I just started giving them oyster shells a month ago, but I think for these two girls, it might have been too late.  But before I beat myself up, I have to realize that I have golden comets who are breed for laying and not sold "for pets", which mine are.  I guess for practical purposes that people have so many that if one becomes ill, they are disposable.  I was, still am heartbroken, I love my hens, and now am keeping an eye on ginger.  I let Sweet Pea go for three days and made the decision to take her in, and as sad as that was, I believe it was the right decision.  I wish you luck, and hope your hen gets well.

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Thanks for the reply.  As I am writing, my girl is walking around the house.  She spet another night on the heating pad, is still eating.  I put her in the pen with her sisters during the day. This is her 5th day now

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