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Chicken wire and hardware cloth

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We are in a bind with our chicken coop- the hardware cloth is twice as expensive and we will need 6 rolls of it at $47 a roll.. The chicken wire would be $47 total.

I know everything says no chicken wire, but are there certain areas of the coop that we could use chicken wire? Like the bottom, vents, etc?

Our budget on the coop is running out and he says no to the hardware cloth.. But everyone on here says no to chicken wire. Also, we have a dog that oils keep away most predators, were sure. Bt I don't want to lose my girls

Has anyone used chicken wire successfully?
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Use what you can get and put up 2 layers of chicken wire if it would make you feel better .And close your chicks up at night if you can . You know your area better than we do .D.gif

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My tractor is entirely chicken wire and I've had 3 Sebrights living in it with no problems at all for months.  So long as you have an enclosed corner that they can easily retreat to, they should be safe from things like raccoons, possums, etc.

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If your can't afford the hardware cloth, the next best thing would be welded wire, with a layer of chicken wire (for weasels). You can normally get a 100' roll for $50-70 around here.

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Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. - Anne Shirley



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maybe do the hardware cloth section at a time as you can afford it & lay it over the chicken wire as you go along.  i think ultimately, you are really going to want that harware cloth.

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the wire that I have on my coop is the same stuff that is sitting out in the photo it is a garden wire from the home depot I haven't had anything get in but a snake I am working on putting a hardware cloth around the side of it so they can't get in either

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That same coop had chicken wire over it and a raccoon tore it open and ate all the chickens

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Have you compared prices on hardware cloth?  I ordered some from Wayfair for half the price I would have had to pay locally and it arrived in just a few days.

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