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Chicken Foaming at the Mouth

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My chicken was roosting in her tree last night at about 1:30 am, and was attacked either by a raccoon or the neighbor cat (The neighbor cat unsuccessfully has tried to attack them before.) I went out there and heard the predator jump over the fence. She was not injured badly, a small barely bleeding scratch on the side of her face, and some missing feathers. I cleaned her up, and locked her up in the coop with the others, as she didn't seem to be hurt badly. This morning, and throughout the day she had no problems other than a swollen eye, but this afternoon, she started foaming from the mouth, and stood around real tired looking. What is wrong with her?

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are you sure she wasnt attacked by a rabid animal?

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only mamals can contract rabies...

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Thank you for posting. Her mouth has stopped foaming, but she is still very tired looking and her eye is still swollen. She is very thirsty, and has been walking to each water source but she won't eat. I have been cleaning the swollen side of her face with warm water and a washcloth twice a day.

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She laid an egg yesterday, and my only big concern is that she won't eat.

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