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Chicken with Vertigo - Dizzy

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I have a chicken this morning who looks like she has a bad case of dizziness.


Imagine how when you spin yourself in circles for a minute and then try to walk a straight line, you tend to look in the direction you were spinning and veer off staggering when you try to walk.


That's exactly what she is doing, her head is actually moving to the left repeatedly and her eyes rolling that way as well.


Not sure how long she has been like that, just fed them this morning and found it.


Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever fiqure this out because ours it like this today.  I could write this post exactly the same as what we are experiencing.

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How is yours doing?  Did she recover?  I have a 6 week old chick who started doing this a few days ago and when I looked up what it could be the possibilities were seemingly endless, including Marek's, ear infection, vitamin B deficiency, calcium deficiency, bruised leg.  I separated her and gave her extra vitamins and antibiotics.  She's been doing better, but still seems off-balance when walking. 

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Very common. I have a similar thread out with a video of my chick's dizziness. Been treating with vitamins and have been thinking about starting a tincture of Saint John's wort, being that with my girl, I see her head visibly trembling.

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We gave her vitamins and she hung on many days but then started deteriorating rapidly.  Head stuck to the side and finally died.  The other girls all are fine (except one is turning into a rooster :)  We didn't learn our lesson with our pet rabbits and are relearning it now.  We won't take anyones word for gender in the future!

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Anyone get a solution on this? I have a young rooster having this problem...

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going through the same thing with my guinee hen looks like he ate some kind of bad mushroom and is on the ride of his life i m taking your alls advice with the separation from the other ones and treat him sepratly with the vitamins and saint johns wort hes actually eating and drinking when he can hold his balance long enough hes a tough lil buger hope he comes back to earh soon!!

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I also have a hen that is falling over and seems to be unbalanced today. She is about 3 years old and I believe she is the one I heard fall off the pearch when I went to turn off the lights last night. At first I thought she hurt her leg but then realized she seems to be dizzy . Anyone know what the problem might be?

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  Hi folks,


 A lot of the symptoms described here sound like an inner ear infection. Loss of balance, head tilt ,repetitive head movement and eyes flicking in the same direction .


 I had a BO hen, Bobbi, that came down with it this fall. I thought at first it was wry neck. She didn't respond to vitamins and got worse, to the point that her head was stuck between her feet with her neck corkscrewed around in a totally bizarre way.

  I found a vet that is awesome ,got her on antibiotics and today she has made a full recovery.

Hope this helps, Lora

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I know what it is. It is coccidiosis. Sulfadimethoxine treats it, You can buy it online. What coccidiosis is is a parasitic disease that digs into the chickens large intestines and the parasites attach themselves there. The large intestine absorbs nutrients in animals bodies. So this blocks nutrients also from being absorbed.

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