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I had a similar situation in my backyard last week. For no known reason our six month old Olive Egger, Whoopie, Could not stand up without falling to the left side.  Our other three chickens were not affected.


All my research online turned up horrible pathologies. We went to bed the next night praying that nature would swiftly take her course. The next morning I found Whoopie in the middle of the backyard with her head turned 180°, sitting in the rain. I wrapped her in a towel and began to massage her neck. She had torticollis for at least 36 hours. She responded to the massage, and I found a definite right lateral bony mass, a subluxation in her upper neck.


I manipulated her neck by toggling it back and forth.  She seemed to get better. I did more that night and the next morning. By the third day she was back with her sisters, chasing bugs and living the good life.


I'm a chiropractor by profession, go figure.  But, I was disturbed that none of the chicken pathology sites suggested subluxation. Then again, most MDs are ignorant of this problem, as are most Vets.  Just too simple for them, I guess.  Also, there is no money to be made in medications.


I have some footage of my manipulation on my clinic Facebook site; KenmoreChiro. Feel free to check it out.

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I notice the date of your letter is a   year ago....however, I too have a Bantam hen, "Lucy", with this 'vertigo' problem....she has had all the 'dizzys' described and then some, tipping over or spinning in place. After about a week I put her in a dog crate with food and water. Three days later, she was 'fine'. She lasted about a week before her symptoms reappeared...back into the box...same results. Her balanced days didn't last as long as before...she is back in her box as I type. She is a funny little hen, she 'shouts' at any of the normal size hens try to peck at her, startled they back off and leave her flock is approx 28 hens, 1 rooster and 1 aging Pea Cock plus her three sisters and my 15-16 year old bantam rooster in a separate any rate the all leave her alone.


I will see if I can feel any thickening in her neck...obviously it is not a tumor problem. Any further advise you can give me will be most appreciated.



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