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If the waddle and comb are big and she has a V, then she is a He....The V to me looks more like a devil horn.....That's what I noticed anyway on other posts.  I have four sultans left out of my five, they were suppose to be four female and one male, but since one died and they are only 10 weeks old, I still can't tell if one of them is a rooster...Keeping my fingers crossed...Maggie

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Hey Brighty, I have four left. Ordered five but one died. They are now 10 week old and they are my pride and joy, I love them and are easier to catch because they don't know I am over them...ha ha ha...I am hopeing that one is a male, but they are too young to tell. I believe other then the waddle and comb being brighter, the male will have a horn like red thing on his you know if this is true...??  How old are yours and how many do you have..> ?< Maggie

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