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Please help! I cut off her toe! - Page 2

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If i were you i would put Blue coat on it to keep infections out . my rooster got frostbit and he lost a half a toe.sad.png

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Wow what a time for a posting!   Thank you one and all.   One of our beautiful hens lost her toe flying up near a sharp AC vent.   Blood everywhere, nothing was stopping it.  I packed it with blood stop.   We held it tight and turned her on her back with her foot up in the air.   Nothing was stopping it.   Thanks to your posting on cauterizing the wound, we were forced to do that.   Upon even closer examination the blood was spurting out of the toe (obvious vein or artery).   My husband cauterized the wound with a soldering iron.   Of course heavy peroxide and neosporin were in use as well.   The bleeding stopped and I believe she will now recover.  Never knew we would have to be emergency room spontaneous vets when we got into chicken raising this past October.   Wow.   I'm now a wreck now that it is over.   Thank you one and all.

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