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Hello from Pahrump!!
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Originally Posted by nikki1496 View Post

Does anyone around reno or the CA/NV border have serama chickens?

ACME Feed in Pahrump has Serama Roosters and hens $8-10 each.
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Where is that at?? And are you sure they are Serama?
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It's in Pahrump. 800 West Street
775-751-2263. And yup, they are Seramas.
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Idk where Pahrump is lol. That's odd that they are selling them
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We have a local breeder out here in Pahrump, that's most likely where they got their chicks from. I have 2, a rooster and a hen. The photo is of our roo, he is maybe 8" tall from the ground to the top of his comb. The roosters at ACME are about the same size with tiny voices like mine. Pahrump is about 70 miles north west of Las Vegas and about 15 miles north of the California border.
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Hmm I'm two hours from Reno so id be quite a ways from there
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Hello.  I also live in Las Vegas, but in Clark County.  I looked at the ordinances and it appears that there are no restrictions for having chickens.  A rooster has to get the approval of your neighbors but don't think at this time will be getting one.  I am interested to hear from those that have chickens in Las Vegas, or areas that have high heat.  I want to start raising chickens and would love the imput.  Teri, Las Vegas

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So, possibly moving to the Reno area in March....



What are the rules on "house chickens"? The ordnance I read made it sound like they had to be in an outdoor coop....


Also, what is with this rule about not being able to dye your chickens? ( Our silkie is currently pink)



Any recommended areas around Reno to look for housing that is chicken-friendly?


Also any recommended silkie breeders in the area?

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Okay so i looked and pahrump os way to far from me. Is there any feed stores around reno that have serama?
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