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I understand.  My husband and I will make a decision tonight and I'll keep everyone updated to what progress we make.  Thanks again!

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Take a peek at this link and see if it helps..



IMO, Tylan 50 injectible (can be injected or if you have to, you can also give orally) would be the best *if* this is some form of CRD (chronic respiratory disease). Whatever you try, I wouldn't give different ones at the same time - makes it much harder to figure out what actually is working. 


Although I'm a fan of having things on hand, so you might want to get them anyways - I think they are all pretty cheap.  I know I've heard Peter Brown (the chicken doctor) say you can also put tylan 50 drops into the eyes as well as injecting it.  Or you can get terramycin ointment at the feed store for an extra oomph to the eyes. 


I forgot how old she is, but you'll have to toss the eggs if she's laying. You should not feed them back to the chickens, as that's actually extending the 'toss' period - they are eating the trace antibiotics again (from the eggs). You can feed them to the dogs if you don't mind them getting a little antibiotic. :)


You can also try the chicken doctor at - he charges $25 for phone consultations, but the fee is waived if you purchase what he advises for your chicken. He's very helpful, especially since most people have no vet that will see chickens. 

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Thank you all for the information that you've shared in this thread.  Amazingly, the swollen eye disappeared rather quickly and no other chickens experianced any signs or symptoms.  I think she may have just had an injury?  All of the information has been very helpful and I value this forum very much! :0)

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Originally Posted by americanvalkyrie View Post

When my chickens had it, I locked them in the coop for 2 days with Sulmet and Duramycin in their water.  (They're free-ranged and I have a pond, so I had to be sure that the only water available to them was medicated.)  I did have to cull the 8-wk-old chicks that got sick before I figured out what it was, but I managed to save the rest of the flock.  My 2-wk-old chicks and my year-old laying hens got it, and though egg production is down, they're all recovered and strutting around the yard.

But I was all ready to cull the others, if I had to.  I wasn't sure if I had coryza or infectious bronchitis, since some got swollen faces and some just got congestion.  But we managed to have a 100% survival rate once we got treatment going.

If you treat laying hens, withdraw eggs until 2 weeks after the last dose.  I just scrambled the eggs up and fed them back to the chickens, so they didn't go to waste.

Oh, and ours wasn't caused by introducing new birds to the flock.  But my neighborhood is HUGE on backyard chickens.  The nearest coop is a block away, then one on the next block, and the next...  I also have wild birds and field mice getting into my yard, the biggest downside of letting them free-range.  I figure it came in on a mouse or a bird, so there's nothing I can do to completely erradicate it.  So I just keep medicine onhand, watch out for the symptoms, and don't share my birds with ANYONE!  I have some beautiful chicks that are turning out to be roosters, but if I give them away, I could be giving someone a bird that's a carrier for whatever we caught.  So even my silver spangled hamburg roo is going to go in the stewpot.

Hello. My bantam cochin (her name is Puff) has come down with this as well. Thankfully I came across this thread so now I have an idea on how to treat her. I read that you used Sulmet and Duramycin to treat. My question is, did you use both of these in the water as treatment, or just one at a time? Also, what were the dosages you used? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! big_smile.png
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My youngest pullet had this a month ago and it went away in a few days, but my other hen just got it. I put VetRX on it the last time and it cleared up really fast, but this time it isn't going away as fast... did what you had done work?
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I've had this or similar with three of my birds... one is happening right now.  I'm doing what I did for the other two occurrences which is dosing garlic and oregano oils diluted in water.  For me, when I'm sick, I'll take up to 6 drops of oregano and 3 garlic cloves at a time so I dilute the solution quite a bit for the birds, and I dose them about .4mL twice a day (via syringe in the mouth).  Both other times I did this the birds recovered within 3 or 4 days.  We're on day one of the new case right now, I will try to remember to update the forum when she heals.   


Also, when one gets sick I dose them all.... so right now the water they have available has minced garlic and fresh oregano leaves in it.  The difference between the water solution and the medicine solution is that the water solution has much less concentration of the herbs.  


I hope this helps you, even if you don't use this method I wish you the best of luck!!

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hi bobokbacok,

Could you please tell me how you treated your chicken for the swelling around her eye.  I too have a chicken dealing with this.... sounds similar to yours... no discharge but very red skin all around eye which is half shut.  I tried to clean it by squirting saline solution into the eye and then applied neosporin on the skin all around the eye (not IN the eye).  August 30th 2014.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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My 12 year old hen recently had this after a young cock became a teenager & decided she had to go because she was The Matriarch and he over stressed her so I confined him to his own quarters until I found a new home.
I do Naturopathic and Oriental medicine for a living so prefer to use natural remedies.
She had bubbles initially in corners of her eyes, so I began rinsing with a mild boric acid and water solution in both eyes 2-3 times daily. Additionally I gave her a homeopathic solution for Lymph drainage called Lympho 6-8 drops orally with a syringe and a Chinese herb called PuJiXiaoDu Wan which comes in little round balls 2-4 per day.
I began noticing an improvement within a couple days and her sinus released so I wiped her nose holes and beak twice daily so she wouldn't consume it or infect the others. She seems pretty much back to her old self with the rooster living elsewhere, though she lost weight while she was ill. Birds and animals respond so well to natural medicine if the right ones are
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Thank you very much for all those advices.

Seems like one of my hens got the same problem so I don't have to ask anywhere else just implement advices from this topic.

As I live in Thailand (very low lev of veterinary service) not all specific and medicaments are available but I will try sort thing out somehow.

My hen act and looks (apart of swollen one side of face) perfectly normal... drinks, eats, running around just like others.

Now I've isolated her and will try treatment... WIll let you all know how this goes :)



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So here is some update...

As treatment didn't help I decided to cut this and take away everything what was inside.

There was some kind of white/yellowish liquid.

Later was desinfection every day and now seems to be ok... she have still little swollen under they eye but it's smaller every day.

She gives eggs and fight other chickens and seems to be alright :)

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