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cochins for sale

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3 white cochin hens

1 partridge cochin hen

1 splash cochin roo

4 buff D'uccle hens 

all for sale all laying 


in northern indiana

10.00 each

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Hi I was wondering if you still had the partridge Cochin hen for sale I have a rooster but no hen and need to get a hen so I was also wondering if you still have her how old is she? And is she a batam or standard? Also I am located in the northern part of Indiana so if you want you can send me a name and number to contact someone with okay thank you
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where in northern IN are you locaed i am also in northrn IN

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Hello. Im in northern Indiana and looking for more chickens to add to my flock. What part of northern indiana you from?

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Do u still have the splash rooster?
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