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Meat bird feed

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Hello everyone i am new to the forum and new to chicken farming. I am planning on raising some cornish rock chickens and i have some questions on the feed. What protein % or medicated or non medicated feed do i get them for when there chicks, then what is the next step of feed i should get them when they grow up, and when in the chickens age should i switch the feed from starter to grower feed. when do i give them grit and how much of it. Any help will be grateful and thanks very much.

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 I feed myn homestead fastgrow by hubbord life its all natural and it smells like spaghetti and it is a 20% protien and you feed it to them from day 1 to butcher date I have used it all this year and I am very pleased I have used it for about 450 birds and it works great


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