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I can see my mini chopper bei g used for chopping quail treats ...
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I have Japanese Quail, I feed them melon, raspberries, peppermint, mango, ginger that I blend with garlic, bananas, grass, and millet, yogurt, the odd boiled egg(but they are messy)...they go crazy for it.  I also supply them with grit, crushed Zebra mussel shell (they are on the beach out why not.) grain, and game bird layer.  Never a sick bird...never a death (outside of the bator or brooder that is), and they bounce and hop around and are very happy indeed.  I put raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar in their water supply also.  It's expensive, so I make my own.


If you go to your local grocery store, there is normally a section with discounted fruits, might have blemishes, or over ripe, doesn't matter...this is very inexpensive and the birds love the over ripe stuff. You just get weird looks like...look at this poor homeless man picking from the compost discount, but whatever, I just laugh.


I've never tried cheese, but I will catch bluegill in the local pond, pressure cook them and occasionally give them that.  It increases the omega 3's and calcium for egg production.



You do have to slowly increase fruits, as it will go through them if you don't.  But so long as you balance it out with grain, feed, shell, and grit, it's all good, and no blocked eggs...not yet at least.

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apple cider vinegar in their water, and yogurt, will help with odor.  Also when I feed them ginger mixed with garlic, they start to smell like a Asian soup kitchen, as they tend to roll around in it before they eat it.

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I don't feed mine Avocados, as I also heard it wasn't wise.  But I also know my quail won't eat anything they don't like, or think is toxic.  They seem to know.  They'd have to be pretty hungry before they ate something they are not keen on.

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