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Cute chicks!

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Healthy cute chicks and dog! 

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Originally Posted by The Balcom Clan View Post

We just got our babies 5 days ago and they're so much fun!! This is our first time ever having chickens so y'all at BYC are our lifeline!!
We took the girls outside yesterday when it was hot enough (not many days like these left!) and let them snoop around their soon-to-be new home a bit. They loved it! One found a bug and thoroughly enjoyed it! And when I moved them to newly turned over garden dirt, one instantly took a little dust bath and snuggled herself down in the dirt. It was so cute!!
Let me introduce you:

"Pepper" - she is an Australorp. She is the feisty one of the bunch, a bit spicy, like pepper! So far she's also one of the most vocal of chicks.

"Honey" or "Sunny" (since my 5 year old wanted her, her name keeps going back and forth) - is a Buff Orpington. She started out as the lowest chick in the pecking order but has gradually become the bully of the bunch!

"Lucille" on the left and "Pepper" on the right. Lucy is a Black Sexlink and will eventually have a red/brown head and black body. So we named her after Lucille Ball, a loveable yet spunky red head.

We call these two our chipmunk twins. The top one is "Fancy" and she is an Easter Egger, which isn't a real breed, but simply means she will lay pretty "fancy" blue/green eggs. The bottom one is "Carmel" and she is a WellSummer. She will eventually be all brown, like dark carmel.

A great day for a little walk outside! Once we brought them in, they were asleep within moments! It was a lot of excitement!!

And I can't overlook our sweet guard dog - Libby. She is so over protective of the chicks and alerts us anytime they're chirping and we're not around! We let the chicks play around her and she has been so patient with them. You can tell she just wants to play with them, but doesn't understand why tapping them with her heavy paw isn't okay. smile.png 

Your Chipmunk twins look my two beauties.

I just love the colors of these, but don't really now what breed they are.
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Our newest babies!!
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Added 4 new chicks to the flock they had a rough time hatching an one came out a stargazer but much better now
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here's some more pictures I dug up from my stash!

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We are in the middle of hatching right now.  The broodies have 2 more unhatched eggs and we have 5 in the incubator, due to hatch tomorrow.  Here are the first 3 to hatch with their two mommies! Mommies are bantam orps and the babies are large fowl orps.


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wanted to share some beautiful pic of my babies. There are actually seven but the 7th ( the youngest)is actually under the rooster and rang from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.

Okay, Im done with my pics. Im not sure exactly what breed they all are but I have an idea. A few are Silkies, and some mixed Bannies , and a few are from my larger breed chicken that I left my Silkie hen hatch. Love, love my chicks!!!!love.gif
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