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My new babies are here!!!! :weee


I ended up lucking out at the swap again this year, this time BUFF POMERANIANS! Not only did he have babies, but adults as well. They were GORGEOUS! He knew what he had this time, so I didn't get another $5 deal Lol. I'm no good at sexing, and he wasn't positive, so I picked 3, hoping my odds are that at least 1 will be male. The 3 cost me $40, which I'm ok with. I'm going with the idea for now, that I have 2 females and 1 male, and they are named (from left to right in the photos) Carma, Captain, and Camlin.



So far, Cass is very curious. TOO curious, so I had to attach screen to the brooder door to keep her bill out of it, Lol. Now she's parked herself right at the door and is making a sound I've never heard before, I assume it's a "Mommy" type noise because the babies respond to it. Took me an hour to get the babies from scared, hissing little things to curious, running to me, eating out of my hand little things. Lol I am in love! AGAIN! :love

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A side note, and a question, Lol.


I named them for reasons, but I was consistant they had to have C names, Lol.


Carma, because I believe that good karma comes to those who wait. I waited so long for my babies, and she is by far the sweetest one.

Captain, because he (I think) stands tall and proud, investigates everything, and puffs his little chest out, Lol.

Camlin, because I wanted very much to name one after my good friend, who lost so much this year, she could use some good now.


And now my question, lol. I'm fairly certain I know the answer but I want to ask the breed egg-sperts here. Should I actually end up with a Buff male, and gosh I hope I do :fl, obviously when bred to a Buff goose I get Buffs, but what about when bred to a gray? I am thinking I would get any mix of either Buffs and grays, right? Not some weird splash color right? :hu

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I need some I don't know what kind of gosling he or she is can someone please help me
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Hard to tell from that angle, but American Buff perhaps? I would need more of a side view pic to know better. Here is someone here's pic of an American Buff, about that age for reference.


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Here is a side pic
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Looks like a Buff to me from the down and her head/bill. I'll ask my friend who's more of an expert on Buffs, she would know for sure.

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I just thought i let everyone know how my goslings are doing. 


My 2 saddle-back Pomeranian's are doing great they have finely started to grow in there feathers they will be going out side here in another week in there secured pen that my dad built for the 3 of them till they can be out with the rest of the gang to free range with sense they will be free ranging with my turkeys and my chickens and hopefully make a nest next year. My american buff gosling is now 3 1/2 weeks old as of today and she is finally getting her feathers in as well. 



but they will all 3 be going out side in there secure pen to become outside geese. 

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Could be American Buff?  This is my girl, Jupiter, when she was a few weeks old.  The markings are similar.  Not an expert though.  She's the only goose I ever had.


Congrats on everyone's new babies.  They are all so pretty, I want to cuddle them! :)

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Aww Jupy. Hugs Cam, Hugs :hugs

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Hmm. This site has really dropped since I was last really active here. That's sad.  I had thought there'd be several responses by now. :( Where'd everybody go?? :hu

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