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Anybody know of a hatcher that sells started pullets like mcmurray, but maybe cheaper? $23.29/Bird is a bit steep. I don't want to start with little chicks.
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The ones I know of are going to be more than$ 23.00
If you try Craigslist you probably will get them for less.
Also try the swap meets.
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Farm/ranch/hatchery name: Claborn Farms

Location in texas: Waco, Texas

Breeds they work with: Delaware, New Hampshire Red, Barred Rock, Red Dorking, Dark Cornish, Welsummer, Black Australorp and Mottled Javas

Do they sell hatching eggs, birds or both: both

Do they ship eggs and birds, one or both: both


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Hi there! I bought all my chicks for Seabreeze Hens. It's a local hatchery. The owner is very nice and honest.  She's in San Leon, TX.  Her facebook and website is usually updated to her sock.


I have all great things about my experiences with her.  I got two roosters out of my straight run chicks.  She traded them out for me.  I get it, this happens.  


She gives you a big ole bag of food to start off with and is very willing to talk to you and answer any questions.


All her pens are nice and clean and the chicks are in safe, sanitary, uncrowded conditions.


I asked her if she would offer turkeys later in the year.  She has a Tom now, so I know she dabbles in turkeys.




I'm looking for Local Palm Turkeys.:yiipchick Anyone around League City offering them next year?  If not, I'm willing to go in on a remote order and split?:caf

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I have to agree with Rollerderbylexi!
SeaBreeze hens is awesome! She is so nice, and willing to spend lots of time helping you. I have purchased hatching eggs,and when my Broody hens fought over the eggs and damaged many of them, she actually offered more free eggs and gave me a few free chicks. I was so impressed, considering what my broodies did was totally on my end!
She actually has many ages available, just go to her website!!
She is really good about updating her website!!
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Any hatcheries that specialize in Jersey Giants in Texas?
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Anything near Greenville Tx?
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I'd have to agree. Melinda from SeaBreeze is WONDERFUL. She was so friendly and helpful when we went to get our Americauna's and Wyandotte's. She also has Jersey Giants (see website).
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