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the exposed bird was quarantined for 3 weeks, i did not quarantine it for many month and that was exactly what was disclosed to that farmer. I do not gamble. More than that I did follow up with him on the sick bird test results. I was lied to, he told me the bird was not contagious according to lab tests it had a little respiratory and that's all he has disclosed (which he did not provide). On that information, the exposed to the sick bird hen as returned to the flock and spread mg. I'm not stupid to return contagious bird. I was told it was not, and lies is what I do not appreciate at all.

And let' put it this way, show birds are out for exhibit not longer than 48h due to AI, my exposure was 4h total if that, all the bedding was destroyed (burned), tub, exposed tubes were bleached to smithereens, clothing sanitized, bio security was followed. and 3 weeks quarantine by the book. So I guess that by the book did not work. MS indeed can have 21 days incubation period, for mg it is 6-7 by the book, lives in house for 24h, on clothing up to 2 days, on human hair up to 3 days, can not survive outside of viable medium, caries can be asymptomatic, can test negative, vaccinated birds will test positive and remain carriers. The sick bird was exposed to the hybrid sexlink, the  only not purebred chicken i had. It's the pure breeds, rare breed got sick visibly, 6-7 days incubation and respiratory is present in mild form, by the book, each one with any signs of respiratory was isolated immediately to sick bay for 3 weeks, and the breed i happen to have according to the native for the freed literature is particularly susceptible to micoplasma. Sexlink did show nasal discharge in 3 month in very mild form, if I did not see it I would not know, does dry in an instant and nothing one can see at all. I kept asking that farmer what did he have and all I got was complete denial aka his chickens do not get sick business.

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Farmer from Louisville sold me sick bird for the healthy one, he was asked specifically if the bird was healthy and tested and was told I can not quarantine at that time for month properly, bird will be a pet and that the flock is closed except of that bird, he sold it anyways, the bird was sick, told him so, he denied it, I brought the bird back next morning after the purchase, showed him, he tossed that poor creature into the cage at the back of his shop/barn/egg and produce selling spot. Yes, I returned the bird, I should have tested that animal myself, cause he never showed me the results of the test, he told it had nothing contagious, I was stupid enough to trust that farmer. I returned exposed to the sick bird animal to my flock trusting that farmer. And the rookie aka myself did not know any better at the time, I trusted that scoundrel. No other exposure to other birds, closed flock. Problems started 6-7 days after the exposure, no illness issues prior in the closed flock in any form. MG spread like a wild fire. Farmer denied any ownership in making my entire flock sick with MG/MS. I got my birds tested, the pool is MG/MS positive, told him so, he went into the denial immediately. Depopulating entire flock, do not have many to go, 4 were gone the other day and it is hard not going to say otherwise... it is just heart wrecking.

Selling sick birds for the healthy one and then blaming entire CO farmers community is a bad business practice in my personal opinion. He told me that no backyard chicken owners in Brighton, Boulder, Denver, East CO, Parker can be MG/MS clean, according to him we all are diseased flocks because our addresses are in CO, however he is magically clean... ( being in Louisville, and with no bio security observed even on elementary levels as far as I've seeing his practices)... , that he knows everyone and anyone, second largest flock in CO and so on and so forth. A lot of rotten talk. I made my decision to depopulate the carriers aka surviving birds, and no, state will not come and force to depopulate MG/MS, that is not avian influenza, and they will depopulate only bird flu positive flock. So that farmer will be spreading that MS/MG just the same as he does now, has hundreds of birds. State suggests to vaccinate for Marek only. Can not find clear guidelines regarding how long to keep the premises bird free to restart again after MG/MS exposure. Some say month some say there got it back even after a year.

Did I miss something here then? I think I read that as you told him you were not able to quarantine properly and he sold it to you anyway.

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it does say 'for month" meaning for several month. I did min 3 weeks, which is less than 1 month, common recommendation for the exposure observation period at least from 4h avian folk it is a common number to get. wrong number?

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Personally I know little of the particular disease you are battling. Yes a month is commonly the recommended number. Is it right? That depends on what disease one is trying to rule out. There are diseases that are more devastating than others so I think the month recommendation is working with the most devastating ones. There are always sneaky diseases that may never rear their ugly heads if the bird is a carrier and not actively ill.


That being said what it means is a bird may have no symptoms at all during even a year long quarantine and still carry a disease to your flock.

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the battle is over per say. there is no one with symptoms. all birds that tested positive are gone, the rest are likely to be carriers as they were exposed as well. does it make things easier? not really. the chicken community does pass judgement to whoever has gone far enough to test and find out what was the illness. first for getting the illness and it is not uncommon to pass a nice guilt to go with it like getting illness by accident is completely impossible and it's gotta be the owners fault. and then for keeping the bird while finding out what is going on, and the fact that the owner did exercise bio lock down just does not count. in chicken community folk jump to judgement fast.

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I think that most people here are looking to understand just what happened to bring the issue into the flock. Perhaps mostly so we can avoid having it happen in ours. I fully understand the frustration and difficulty of dealing with an ill animal of any kind. I also understand the self blame that each of us do when we lose one wondering what we could have done/should have done differently.


It is a complete bummer when a pet becomes ill and even harder to deal with when we blame ourselves or each other. Illness happens even in the most secure environments. Look at the bird flu and what lengths the commercial industry already had in place to keep things germ free yet it still got in somehow.


All we can do is pick up the pieces and move on. Some pieces are difficult to deal with, yet still must be handled.


I am sorry you had this experience.

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I think what rf12345 is hoping for is for this farmer to take responsibility for the sick bird, and it doesn't look like it is going to happen, since this disease could have been brought in by wild birds, and even though his bird got sick first, could be because her resistance was low due to the stress of being moved.   Enjoy the chickens you have left, keep them as a laying flock for eating eggs only, is what I would do, they still have value, even if it is just to watch them peck around the yard.  If the people in the chicken community are upset with you, they will get over it, and if not, well, that is not your problem, but theirs.    


Hope everyone has a great TURKEY DAY! 


"The more a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it"  George Orwell


"Doubt whom you will, but never yourself."  Christian Nestell Bovee





"The more a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it"  George Orwell


"Doubt whom you will, but never yourself."  Christian Nestell Bovee



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Anyone interested in a 22 week cockerel to process? Big boy only fed fermented feed. Turning into a jerk.
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Looks like a winter weather advisory was just posted for late this afternoon till sometime Friday morning. If you're traveling over Thanksgiving, leave some extra time and be careful! I know YOU are a perfect driver, but a lot of the others who will be on the road aren't... Justsayin' Now I'd best get finished cleaning the house so I can start prepping food for tomorrow. Gonna be a very fattening day here!


Hope you have a very special Thanksgiving regardless!

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I own: BOs/BAs/New Hampshires/Delawares/White Wyandottes 

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I hope everyone has a great long weekend! I am so glad to be home for 4 days in a row!


Gonna do a small dinner here nothing super special but will be tasty for sure. Then I think I may put my feet up a bit.

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