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rooster jumping @ me

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two days ago as i was walking away from my chickens, my rooster ran from behind me and jumped @ me and scratched the back of my calf ? then today again! what's up with this 

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You've been flogged. He's being human-aggressive. How old is this guy? I don't allow any rooster who does that to stay or breed here. Some say you can change that behavior, but I've never been able to do so. Temperament is heritable and most backyard folks don't want to have to watch their backs when out around their flocks, myself included.

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  He's showing his dominance,  I'd find him a new home really soon.  If, if one of my roosters does that once,  he's put in time-out forever.   Sad that it happens, but in my situation I cannot have an aggressive rooster around as I have a lot of visitors to this barnyard 'petting zoo'. 

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ok will do,,,,thank you

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