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Here's my lovely coop! I still have to paint it. Was going to paint it teal blue and the trim pieces white! Its 8x8 and the run is 8x14. I have a tarp lining the floor of the coop to make cleaning a breeze! Just sweep up the flakes and lay down new! No poop or water absorbing into the floor.














This is an awesome coop! I never would have thought of using fence planks as walls, Great job!

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This is a picture of my coop and run.
The barn is post and beam built by ponderosa pines wood builders in kingston mass. The run built by my husband Raymond Homer Carpentry. It has a shingles roof. The inside nests are removable . They Come if the wall by lifting of the brace. Roosts are 2 by 4 removable too. I use pine shavings on the wood floor and layer

newspaper under the roost. Easy to roll up and toss.

How many chickens can this hold? it look huge on the inside. So pretty. I bet your ladies are really happy.

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This looks great.  Loads of room in the run too.  Happy Hens.

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It could hold alot probably 12 hens but probably going to just have 6 or 7. This way they are happy with lots of room to run and less to clean for me.
Since the pictures were taken there is now an automatic door on the coop to the secure run so they will have a great place tio go out in the winter.
They seen to be very happy.
This will be out first winter so hope it all works well.
We are not heating it. Ive made a heated bucket with side nipples . This is my biggest worry. Keeping the water flowing.
We are having an electrician wire the coop this week so we will have safe wiring in the coop. I will have 2 lights one inside the coop and one on the run.also three outlets inside.
We are planning too install wifi enabled camera so we can see what it's going on inside without having to run out to the coop so often especially on the snow. My neighbor will watch them on the wifi when we are on vacation. And we can watch then on vacation too.
Should be fun.
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Sooo cool
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Finally painted my coop! I am so happy how it turned out! Now in the spring the run will be expanding greatly for my girls! This year we moved and had a lot on our plates so it was not in the picture to expand it just yet!

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My insulated coop - this is where the chicks start when they reach 3 months of age
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its not finished but heres some pics to get started.







Very nice!!

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Now THAT'S A COOP!! Has anyone tried (or is it just a bad idea) using pallets as garden walls for a coop? I was thinking that, just maybe, if a plant is off the ground, they may not attack it as much without a perch. Plus, the soil (in water proof dog food bags with drainage away from the wood) would be a natural insulation against heat and cold.
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