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Escaped Parakeet

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I don't know if we're allowed to post about anything other than chickens in the Emergency section, if not, feel free to move this.

My pet parakeet escaped through the open door today, and I lost track of her. Does anyone have an idea about how to get her to come back? She has no emotional attachment to ''her people'' at all, and seems to have made friends with a pair of finches.

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she might have emotional attachment to her cage, set it out where she can see it from all around and wait.  She moght come back when it starts to get dark.  Make sure you have food and water in there.
This might take a few days, but I wish you luck.
I did this with a cockatiel and was successful.

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Thank, Julie
I have the cage out on the deck rail, where, if she comes back to our yard, she'll probably see it. Last I saw her, though, she was way over in the neighbor's land, up in a huge oak. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to come back. I guess we'll see.

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Julie, I'm guessing the 'emotional attachment' phrase wasn't the one you would have picked, talking about a cage, if I hadn't used it. Are you making fun of me? : )

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no I wasn't making fun of you smile  caged birds feel insecure without there cage. this is there home or safety. sort of like chickens with there coop at night they want to go into the coop before dark because they feel safer. my chickens even during the day keep the coop in their eye sight and even run in to check on it during the day.  Soo i used your phrase to explain how much the cage will mean to your little bird. 

I really wish you luck on catching her.  another thing you can do is have a fishing net handy so if you have a chance to sneak up on her you can catch her without harm to her. 
Julie jumpy

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I never lost my parakeet but I know they always liked to be in their cage, even if I let them out, they would only sit on top.

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I'm no expert, there is always something to learn, and my birds are livestock, so... yes, I may be quite blunt. wink.png


Need egg candling reference pics? Click HERE!
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I'm no expert, there is always something to learn, and my birds are livestock, so... yes, I may be quite blunt. wink.png

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Problem is that they get confused and they fly really fast.
Another thing to try is to get a recording of other bugies and play it out the window. They will often seek that out and it will help give it a direction to look to find the cage.

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Thanks y'all
Snowflake always seemed to like her cage a lot, and usually only flew very close to it. She seemed to enjoy her freedom a lot too, though, and didn't pay too much attention to where she was going, so I don't know if she'll be able to find her way back.
I don't know where I could get a tape of other birds chirping, she's been our only one since last year. Hope the finches stay with her and show her where to find food,because all she know is to climb down the side of the cage two feet and eat from a dish. Last time I saw her I didn't see them, though.

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I dont know how you feel about another bird but you could buy another one and put it in her cage, they prefer the company of their own kind so it may help with getting her to leave the finches.

There was a parakeet loose around on my street for a few months, it was following the wild birds here too. I tried to put my parakeet out in my bird's  cage to get it to come down but it never came very close.

I think if it noticed its cage and something called it down, you may have a chance.   I think the one around here followed the wild birds north for the winter.

Good luck

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I haven't seen her since last Friday, so I think it's a lost cause. Also the last time I did see her, she wasn't with the finches, but I hope if she doesn't come back they can show her where to find food. She has no experience fending for herself.

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