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I just came across your website and this set of posts by googling "backyard chickens in Rockledge, FL."  I also live in Rockledge in a housing development.  There is (allegedly) an HOA but they do not hassle people over the small stuff.


It would seem to me that if the City of Rockledge (the oldest city in Brevard County, BTW...) allowed for backyard chickens most of the HOAs would probably go along with it, except for the most hoyty toyty ones...


I have been thinking for some time that a reasonable number of chickens (probably start with two, not more than four over time) could produce eggs, be relatively straight forward in terms of care required and otherwise help with some independence from the traditional food chain.


I do not see why this would be a problem.


This definitely should be readdressed with the Town Council and I could see that if this were put to a vote, particularly given the state of the economy, that a large number of people would support being allowed to have backyard chickens...

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we are moving to florida- this is good to know

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Hello, did this ordinance ever pass?

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The Rockledge Chicken Ordinance Passed!!! For all the nitty gritty details hop over to my blog on (way too long to post in the forum!)


I have updated the new code onto the chicken ordinance page Thanks everyone for your support!

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Why only 4 :hit

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I recently moved to Viera (Rockledge).  What was the ruling on having backyard chickens?  Do you think this ruling would also apply to ducks?


Thank you!

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