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Lol. Its always 4:20 somewhere
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Well, it would appear our older lab has swallowed something creating a blockage in her small intestine. Karin is off to get her endoscopied.

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I hear Labs are notorious for that. Hoping and praying that she'll be OK!:fl 

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Karin just called, she's headed home. Second opinion was that there wasn't anything there, so no endoscopy yet. We'll have to monitor her over the weekend and see.

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It's 710 & 420 around here popular times/days... and will give you an idea on how insanely busy those times of year are for us.

Google rso, phoenix tears, rick simpson oil for some amazing information. I am part of a landrace preservation project for breeding this very healing plant to keep genetics alive for future generations. It's a worldwide project, kinda exciting to me. Another reason we need to move soon to someplace with more property and the resources on the property to move off the grid.

I dream of a huge hemp farm/sustainable living off the grid here in Colorado, but my bf has hampered our choices with his demand that it has to have gold claim with water on the homestead. Yes, we even have several gold dredges, with sluice boxes, diving suits etc.

We are very do it ourselves type of people. I mean, for our little. 5 urban homestead we do a lot here. I have 44 chickens, 10 muscovy ducks, 2 meat doe rabbits, 2 greyhounds, and my bf goes by Duck, and he's called me Kimmy Hen since we started dating, my laugh sounds like an egg song he says. Now we have chickens, and I totally see it. Or hear it. Lol. He said he's gotta start calling me moneybags if our nicknames are going to end up being self fulfilling prophecies.. I excel in chicken math.

It started when I met a young lady at the denver courthouse at a hearing about the mmed wanting to take away elevated plant counts from medical patients and there was a city hall type of hearing. We made friends and her and her bf came over to get some schooling on how to make good concentrates and talk shop. They mentioned they had baby chickens. Huh?

My bf said, yeah, the neighbors across the alley from us have chickens too.

Huh? We can have chickens in the city?

I researched into it, why, yes, I can have chickens in my city, with no limit on numbers, as long as it's not a nuisance.

I wanted 8 layers for blue and pink eggs, just enough to supply me in the eggs I need.

For my bday my bf took me to our first chicken swap. No coop built mind you. I barely had a vague idea of what I was looking for. I got 4 little ee's. We brought them home, and I was throwing a double bday party with my friend Becky that day, so we stuck the 4 ee's that were 9 week old in a reptile tank on the back porch, and I made crispy gluten-free korean fried chicken wings for 20 ppl and the poor ee's were on my back porch with the fried chicken scent wafting right to them, as my back steps are in the back of my kitchen. If the back door is open the duck/meatie pen/raised garden bed is right there next to the barn with attached indoor greenhouse with 14' vaulted ceilings that I grow my medicine in. Well, it's one small area I grow my medicine in lol. My bf joked that if I don’t have critters there, I am growing plants there, but that's our entire property, plants and critters.

We're adding 3-5 beehives in the spring and I have been needing to build or buy a 55 gallon moonshine still to make organic grain free 180+ proof ethanol to make rso out of.

I grow only for myself, but whatever I don't need for myself I donate to others who do need it. I sponsor several low/no income medical patients their meds, karma is very good to us. We believe in community and being good stewards of the plant we love, and setting and leading by example. I study and research a lot, we're saving up for me to open my own lab testing to do complete cannabanoid and terpenoid profiles with lg and gc cromatography equipment, as I am also part of the cannabis genome mapping project that's a bit of an offshoot from the landrace preservation project and the other endless breeding projects I have going on. Cbd, thcv, cbg, cbc, cbn are all very interesting to me, I have been working cbd/ruderalis for 7-8 years now, but now I am focusing on thcv for diabetes, addiction treatment/cures. A medication was made and tested to teat obesity with thcv, it works btw, but was never released onto the market, and was also shown to cure diabetes. Why would the pharmaceutical companies ever want to cure their money making profits though?

Dang I just ramble like a rolling stone or something.

Anyways, I only wanted 8 layers, but my chicken math is so good, I ended up with far more than the original 8 I wanted. Now we are caponizing in our backyard and I have become obsessed with fibromelanistic chickens and the landrace black chickens like ayam cemani, svart honas, hmong have me hooked!
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Cure, or treat diabetes?

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We are working toward a home stead as well. I'm also working on starting a CSA program... Love feeding people good food.
Yes it is 4:20 somewhere... Just not here smile.png
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